10 Amazing Things To Do On Cordelia Cruise, Empress Of The Seas!

Welcome aboard on India’s first premium luxury cruise ship- “Cordelia Cruise, Empress of the seas”! With everything that sounds and is suitable and apt for a perfect vacation, Empress of the Seas literally sails you viz.-a-viz. a mesmerizing journey. Delectable cuisines, gamut of fun activities, luxurious stays and so forth, are just a few things enabling a perfect Empress of the Seas time onboard. With a wonderful thing for exquisite destinations, this premium cruise is a haven for every heaven that it sails you to!

Well, true pleasure is in knowing what’s in store for you once on board on Empress of the Seas! Do you wanna?

10 Amazing Things To Do On Cordelia Cruise, Empress of the Seas~

Assuming your answer to the above-mentioned question is yes, and inquisition is super high, we’d like you to scroll through and know more!

1. Become Patrons To Broadway Musicals
Credits: Cordelia Cruises

This world-class, internationally acclaimed extravaganza is sure to blow your mind off, once on board with Cordelia cruise, Empress of the Seas. The vibrant hues are sure to charm you, as you sit in the audience, participating too. your evenings are to light up, as you watch artists enchanting you with their stupendous craft!

2. Dance At The Dome
Credits: Cordelia Cruises

Here’s to music, and a perfect night life! The Dome has DJ sets for every mood of yours, making it merrier every time. With your favorite hits playing, you can always enjoy and let loose! Not to mention the premium bar service, amazing music and groovy times. In short, your nights are sure gonna be lit!!

3. Watch Movies On Big Screen

Watch your favorite blockbuster flick with your partner on board at Cordelia cruise Empress of the Seas. The big screen selection plays out movies of various genres, that have been popularized all across the world. Matinee, evening and late-night shows are available on the high sea.

Credits : Cordelia Cruises
4. Gamble At The Casinos
Credits: Cordelia Cruises

The Player’s Casino lures you into frolic that’s unabashed and worth remembering. Indulge and spoil yourselves with popular games like Blackjack, Poker, Casino War, Slot Machine Games and other table games. You are sure to get an adrenaline rush, once into this chimerical world with Cordelia Cruise Empress of the Seas.

5. Laugh Your Heart Out

Become patrons to India’s one of the most famous comedians on board with Cornelia Cruises Empress of the Seas and laugh your hearts out. What more to ask when laughter is there to keep you company on an astonishing evening?!

6. Devour Upon Sumptuous Cuisines
Credits: Cordelia Cruises

Cuisine onboard Cordelia Cruise Empress of the Seas is truly delectable and meant to satisfy you thoroughly! With enchanting cuisines and finger-licking recipes, we have got you everything, right from Chinese, Japanese, Regional creations and everything in between. Our broad spectrum for eating joints offer you luxurious ambience and fabulous dining experiences.

7. Drink At The Bars And Lounges
Credits: Cordelia Cruises

With the Dome offering you the finest selection of alcohol, to the Pool Bar with a wide range of freshly made fruit juices, mocktails, and cocktails, we have got everything to offer! Furthermore, the Oasis Bar is the place to relish other vices of yours like the traditional Sheeshas, Hookahs and Cigars along with a fine selection of specialty cognacs and single malts.

8. Rejuvenate At The Spa
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Wasn’t it already therapeutic enough with sea sounds, clear skies and literally infinity around, that now you need a spa experience too? Firstly, it’s never enough and secondly, you are so gonna need this experience with Cordelia cruises, Empress of the Seas. We have it all for you, to help you relax and enjoy further- Body massage, Body therapy, Thermal Suite, Anti-Ageing treatment, Skin Solutions, Acupuncture session, Medi-Spa cosmetic treatment and so forth.

9. Relax In The Swimming Pool
Credits: Cordelia Cruises 

Enjoy poolside bars, bask in the sun along the swimming pool, play pool games, relax and enjoy swimming inside the pool, and so forth. Cordelia Cruise, Empress of the Seas indeed makes every experience worthy of admiration and recollection!

10. Enjoy Shopping
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How can we leave out the Shopaholics after all? Dive into a calming shopping spree and buy gorgeous jewellery, merchandises and gifts for your loved ones.

Did the prospectus for a lively Cordelia Cruise  , Empress of the Seas trip already enchant you? Be glad and try participating if yes!!


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