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Call out the scientist in you, for it resides in each one of you! Right from the inquisition of a child wondering how a seed sown turns into a plant, to the awestruck expression on witnessing a rainbow- science is what guides us all and the mind of every student. We believe in the scientific curiosity of your child and the hope that helps him/her dream and aspire. The fact that practical applications are more effective than mere knowledge gained via books, is what we put into use while planning myriad field trips for your student. Be it the museums, botanical gardens, planetariums, industrial locations, zoo, and so forth- we believe in making it all possible for the young minds burning with the rage of inquest and knowledge. Furthermore, the fact that Triplou has several international connections, makes it better for your student, for nothing can be furthered from the truth that science resides everywhere, across the globe! Be on board and look out for yourself. We seriously don’t believe in disappointing budding minds, not even for an iota!

International Destinations

America School Tour


  •     The Tech Interactive
  •     Philip And Patricia Frost Museum of Science
  •     Museum of Science and Industry
  •     NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


  •     Science Centre Singapore
  •     Omni-Theatre by Science Centre Singapore
  •     MCI and MCCY Building
  •     Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands


  •     Deutsches Museum
  •     Universum Bremen
  •     Science Center Phaeno
  •     ESO Supernova Planetarium

Domestic Destinations

management tour


  •     Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
  •     The Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum
  •     Sri Vani Science Park
  •     Lalbagh Botanical Garden


  •     Nehru Center
  •     Red Carpet Wax Museum
  •     Nehru Science Center
  •     Science Exhibition Center
hyderabad tour


  •     B.M. Birla Planetarium
  •     Birla Science Center
  •     Ekashila Waterfall & Children Garden
  •     Snakes And Ladders

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