Why Triplou?

“Travelling is like the Pole star that shows you the direction with uncertainty and yet unveils surprises right before your eyes, much before you expect happiness to show up!”

Triplou, as a travel venture brings you closer to learning via travelling. Students from across India are made to learn various things while also having to amalgamate the same with thrill and wonder! What better way to learn than to learn while travelling, that is, microscopically experiencing everything! India has not only been digitalised over the years but has rather been biased towards experiential learning, than bookish verse. And Triplou understands this fairly well! As it is the youth in India is constantly looking out for trips and tours, as an escape from the uptight bookish education and also to learn better. We make sure to divide each project at Triplou into three phases – pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip.

Explore the Enigma, Enjoy And be Elated!


Let's Plan

Right before your trip begins, the Expert Tour Curators comes together to plan out extraordinary travel and need-based experiences.                                         


Woah! Reached.

From Flights to Meals, Sightseeing and Guided Travel, we take care of every detail so you can relax on tour.



Oh Yes!

Post your trip, Share the beautiful memories with your family and friends. Let us know how you felt on the tour.                                        

What's your Tribe?





We understand what's important to you!


Safety & Experience

Safety is our priority, backed by our global presence and 10+ years of experience.


Dedicated Support

Feel confident knowing we build a team around every teacher who travels with us.


Educational Impact

We believe nature is the best teacher and everyone should learn from it. Experiential Travel is how we bring you close to it.


Lowest Prices

Give more students an unforgettable experience with the lowest price.

Call us at +91-9798180001 to speak with our Educational Tour Expert.

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