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“Pluviophile” is the word given to a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace in the same. To the rain-respite-seeker in you, Meghalaya is your place to be! Don’t you feel that a part of you wants to unshackle the realm within, but is rather caught up in the raucous of city life? Well, make that ‘self’ oblivious to the experience of the drooping rainwater, sweet-smelling soil, high-rise mountains, and lush green forests, since the “Scotland of the East” is so ardently calling!

Meghalaya is a north-eastern state in India that is surrounded by hills on all sides, literally! The name actually means “the abode of clouds”. One often finds out the truth behind the naming after actually visiting! Look out for our Meghalaya holiday package to help yourself further.
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Meghalaya Tour Packages

Meghalaya Tours Duration Price(in INR)

Mystic Meghalaya

5 Days, 4 Nights 23,300

Scotland of East

5 Days, 4 Nights 16,200

Golden Tripura

5 Days, 4 Nights 10,000

Dream of North- East

20 Days, 21 Nights 111,600

Dzukou Valley Trek

6 Days, 5 Nights 22,999


The best time to visit Meghalaya is between October and June. The state is literally pouring almost all the year-round. Most tourist destinations in the state receive temperatures that rarely go beyond 30 degrees Celsius, making it a perfect time to visit since the rest of the country is rather experiencing hot summers.

Meghalaya can be easily reached by Train. However, the nearest railway station from Meghalaya is located in Guwahati (Assam). It can also be reached via Air. The major airport from Meghalaya is located in Guwahati (Assam) at a distance of 159 km (Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport). Also, look out for our Meghalaya tour package from Chennai to help make it easier.

Meghalaya is truly an experience that can literally mean “living in the lap of nature”. The state is gifted with a stupendous climate like this, topography so awesome, culture, tradition, and every other thing that not only makes it distinct from other places but also rise above in honor and beauty like no other!

Let’s, therefore, have a quick peek into what’s exclusive of here to offer!

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  1. Living Root Bridges

They are possibly the most famous tourist site here. Thanks to master-minds that came up with such extra-ordinary concepts of architecture and aesthetics. The bridges reside in the deep, dense, and dark forests of Meghalaya and are mostly drenched with torrential rain almost throughout the entire year. Some of the members of the Khasi tribe (natives of the north-eastern region) have been contributing the same via the roots of ancient rubber trees. The bridges can be seen near Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong.

  1. Mawlynnong

The Mawlynnong village was named the “Cleanest Village in Asia” by a travel magazine. Also often called the “God’s Own Garden”, the village sets some major eco-tourism goals. The village is known for its collective unity. Not to mention the amazing Sky View platform that the locals have managed to construct from bamboo atop- the highest tree in the forest, nearly 80 feet up. It not only gives an accurate picture of the village but also a panoramic view across Bangladesh.

  1. Dawki-Shnongpdeng

The border town of Dawki owes its repute to the glistening Umngot River. The interesting thing to notice is that there isn’t any security between the International Radcliffe Line border that’s between India and Bangladesh. Therefore, locals from both sides can easily mingle! A boat ride along the tranquilizing river makes you wanna cry. The river is known to be the cleanest river on Earth. While driving from Mawlynnong to Dawki, you would want to stop at magnificent Bophill Falls along the way. Shnongpdeng village, which isn’t that far from Dawki is a great place to stay.

  1. Krang Suri Falls

The Krang Suri falls are small but trust us, you wouldn’t have ever seen something like this ever! The waterfall is tucked away near Jowai, about an hour northeast of Dawki and about three hours southeast of Shillong in the West Jaintia Hills. There would probably be hiking of 20 minutes before you finally reach it. There’s an entry ticket for 50 rupees. Moreover, you are allowed to swim too- with a life jacket of-course!

  1. Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Located southwest of Shillong in the East Khasi Hills, Mawphlang is home to a sacred plant grove of the Khasi tribe. It’s all embedded with infinite medicinal plants. The Tribe members offer animal sacrifices to the same and practice funeral exercises. There’s even a Khasi Heritage Village next to the sacred forest, with different styles of mock tribal huts. For you to spend an adventurous day amidst nature requires only a picturesque David Scott trail from Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang. It’s part of an old horse trail dating back to the British era.

  1. Garo Hills

To the enlightened aesthete in you, the densely forested Garo Hills in the western part of Meghalaya are a true respite! The massive region is also home to Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Siju Wildlife Sanctuary, and Balpakhram National Park. The place abounds in biodiversity, including hundreds of species of butterflies.

  1. Lewduh Bara Bazar

The Bazar is regarded as one of the largest traditional-style markets in northeast India. The market is similar to that of a fish-market or flea-market cause it’s a hell of a crowded place.  Located in the heart of Shillong, the market is where the local Khasi women come to sell their fresh produce and livestock. You might want to even indulge in the local taste of the authentic street food here. Nonetheless, the market might serve for excellent street photography! It is open daily from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. except on Sundays.

Well, well, Nature is your true friend and so is the entire state of Meghalaya. Therefore,

To you pal,

Who resides in mountains, in the culturally traditional streets, locales, rivers, waterfalls, and in every rain-drop that falls unto this heritage of beauty, here I come!!

This is exactly what we expect you to say after this. After all, the state with its intriguing history, sublime beauty, ancient caves, monoliths, hills and just to name a few are calling you rather arduously!

Can you hear? Can you? Still can’t? Let’s believe you would have to visit the same for sure now!



Dzukou Valley Trek

6 Days, 5 Nights

Dream of North- East

20 Days, 21 Nights
(1 Review)

Land of Rising Sun

11 Days, 12 Nights
(1 Review)

Arunachal Classic

7 Days , 8 Nights
(1 Review)

Scotland of East

5 Days, 4 Nights
(1 Review)

Wildlife of Assam

7 Days, 8 Nights
(1 Review)

The Blue mountain of Mizoram

5 Days, 4 Nights

Golden Tripura

5 Days, 4 Nights

Mystic Meghalaya

5 Days 4 Nights
(1 Review)
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