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Why planting trees is important?

Save the earth, plant a tree.

The Importance of Trees



It’s rather soothing for a man who labours all day and chooses to take refuge under a tree that cools his perspiring body on a hot summer afternoon. Image if one huge tree is capable of making it better for a man, and what would an infinite number of trees do? Simple, moderate the climate and help bear any sort of weather, thus making it easy for human species to survive! Trees control rainfall, summers and the biting frost winters. The recent fluctuations in rainfall patters, extensively hot summers and winters all across the globe are directly proportional to the cutting of trees as part of various human activities. Thus, planting trees in large numbers becomes even more important for humans to survive.




Trees are like the vacuums of our planet. Through their leaves and bark, they absorb harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for us to breathe. In urban environments, trees absorb pollutant gases like nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbon monoxide, and sweep up particles like dust and smoke. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide caused by deforestation and fossil fuel combustion trap heat in the atmosphere. Healthy, strong trees act as carbon sinks; absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide and reducing the effects of climate change. 


Flora & Fauna

Trees are a major source of food, cosmetics, paper, rubber, medicines, raw materials for industries, factories, fuel, and so forth. Trees also serve as home to the majority of animals. In short, trees are quintessential for the proper engagement and existence of biodiversity. However, cutting and burning of trees for various reasons has caused a lot of animal species to lose their homes and in turn made them extinct. Trees beautify a society, and so do the existence of some beautifully created animals who deserve to live as much as humans do. Thus, trees play a major role in the proper functioning and existence of plant and animal species that are important for a nation’s economy and growth.




Trees protect humans and animals from major disease-causing microbes and organisms by purifying the air. Humans are more subjected to lung and heart diseases in these times due to polluted air owing to increased population. Thus, by cutting trees, we somehow decrease our own chances to live a healthy life. Not to mention the huge amount of medicinal benefits that trees have to offer to mankind. Trees have huge medicinal benefits and properties and not just from now, but since much before, when medical advancements were not so common. To cut it short, trees play a humongous role in improving health and human conditions and therefore, need to be preserved.




Trees acts as natural filters of water and also act as storage of water. Forests can actually purify and filter water to the extent that one can drink it. Furthermore, the roots of the trees help hold land and thus water, preventing natural calamities like flood and landslides. Trees also purify groundwater extensively and thus, made groundwater a viable source for drinking in early days. All of this make it very important to plant trees in and around everywhere. Not to mention that trees act as a major source of water cycle, that causes surface water to evaporate and form clouds, which further fall back in the form of rain. In short, no trees, no rain- no life, no life!!



Social Impact

Trees play a major role in improving the economy of a nation and in general, impacts the social status of a nation by making it do better than the others. More the number of trees, more are the innumerable benefits from it and the greater number of wildlife it comes to support. In general, trees improve the health conditions, water problems, purifies air, act as homes to a large number of animals and provides a lot of additional benefits every day. Therefore, nations are coming closer in order to discuss the major crisis that has caused the haywire in human existence- that is, the cutting of trees. Lastly, it’s high time that we start growing more and more trees in order to support our existence and make it socially and culturally way more superior than it can ever be!!

Come, Let's join together to rejuvenate our forests.