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What comes to your mind almost naturally when someone talks about Goa? Beach? Party? Booze? Quirky aesthetics? Well, Goa is an amalgamation of all things beautifully woven together- it’s a true package indeed!

Moreover, you have sulked enough under these never-ending pandemic blues and now is truly the time to let go. Book yourself a nice retreat to Goan expeditions where pretty sunsets, simmering beach waves, and white sands mesmerize you to a point that you no longer want to back to be part of the grind once again.

But, but, Goa is much more than gorgeous beaches and soulful sunsets. Let’s find out about those exhilarating adventures to be a part of together!

The ideal months to visit Goa are November and February through May when temperatures range from 20 to 33 degrees Celsius. Because this avoids the monsoon and the prime tourist season of December-January, beaches are less crowded and airfares and hotel rooms are less expensive.

Madgaon and Vasco-da-Gama are the two main train stations in Goa. The Nizamuddin Goa Express departs from Delhi, while the Matsyagandha Express and the Konkan Kanya Express depart from Mumbai and arrive in Madgaon. Apart from that, Goa has excellent rail connections throughout the country.

Vagator Beach, Baga Beach, Curlies, Tito’s Club, and Aguada Fort are all associated with Goa. The ‘party capital of India’ isn’t just about these locales when it comes to beauty and nightlife. If you really want to be a true wanderer, go to one of these places instead of the hustle and bustle. Let’s have a look at the most popular sites to visit in Goa and where you should go instead.

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  • Panaji- the capital has a lot to offer 

Panaji should be on your list of places to visit in Goa, not just because it is the capital, but also because there are so many places to view that make for an amazing sightseeing tour. From a heritage tour through Fontainhas – the Latin Quarters to a day at Miramar Beach, this city will provide you with a memorable experience. Ornithologists and bird enthusiasts can also visit the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which is only 7 kilometers away and is home to migrating birds as well as common and unique marsh-dwelling bird species.

Popular sites to visit-

Fontainhas, Resig Magos Fort, Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Adil Shahi Palace, Miramar Beach, Kala Academy, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and Divar Island

  1. Margao: amass of culture and aestehtics

Margao is not the kind of place you’d want to skip if you’re planning a trip to Goa. The town claims to be Goa’s cultural capital, and after visiting it, you’ll agree that it’s a well-deserved title. The Municipal Garden, The Holy Spirit Church, House of Seven Gables, and Damodar Temple are all well-known tourist attractions in the town. You should also go to the specialty market to look at the different types of dried fish. Apart from the Margao curry, almost all of Goa’s signature dishes may be found in Margao. Margao Curry is exported to Portugal and other countries, which is fascinating to know.

Popular sites to visit-

Municipal Garden, The Holy Spirit Church, House of Seven Gables, Damodar Temple, Pandava Caves, Margao Market, Zalor Beach, Sri Chandranath, Monte Hill

  1. Vasco da Gama for the beaches 

The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama is commemorated in the city of Vasco da Gama. If you’re going to Goa to relax on the beaches, this is the place to be. There are various beaches to choose from, including Cansaulim, which is ideal for watching the sunset, and Hollant, which is ideal for a wild ride with your pals! There are also additional sights, such as the 400-year-old St. Andrews Church. In addition, there is a Naval Aviation Museum, one of three such museums in India. However, if you travel in March, you can participate in the Shigmo festival, which has street dances and colorful parades.

Popular sites to visit-

Mormugao Fort, Arossim Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Cansualim Beach, Velsao Beach, Hollant Beach

  1. Friday Bazaar at Mapusa 

There are numerous reasons to visit Mapusa during your Goa vacation, but the Mapusa Friday Market deserves special attention. Every Friday, you may visit kiosks selling Goan spices, homemade sausages, ready-to-cook fish with marsala, veggies, chilies, cashews, and sweets. It is located in the Bardez sub-district and is close to various beaches, including Vagator and Chapora.

Popular sites to visit-

Bodgeshwar Templ, Mapusa Friday Bazaar, St. Jerome Church, Maruti Temple, Cansaulim Church, Church of Our Lady of Miracles, Municipal Building

  1. Relax and rejuvenate at Candolim

Candolim, like Calangute, draws visitors to Goa because of its main feature, Candolim Beach. If you prefer your beaches to be busy and boisterous, with a party atmosphere, there isn’t much to do here! It is, however, for you if all you want to do is sunbathe, watch the sunset, take a dip, and enjoy parasailing. The “River Princess,” a bulk carrier that ran aground 100 meters ashore, is another reason to go to the beach. Choose a sunbed and watch the waves kiss the shore as they turn red and gold at sunrise and dusk.

Popular places to visit-  Candolim Beach and Our Lady of Hope Church

  1. Be in awe of the splendor at Old Goa 

There was a time when Velha Goa, now known as Old Goa, was the capital of Goa, not Panaji. It was a time when the city radiated grandeur and unsurpassed splendor, much of which could be seen in the city’s colossal churches, cathedrals, and imposing convents. Old Goa has won a permanent place in any sightseeing tour thanks to those beautiful pieces of architecture. The “Churches and Convents of Goa,” which include buildings like the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral, are the most prominent tourist attractions in the state today (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites). This is the side of Goa that needs to be seen by more people, a side that reflects the state’s rich history and legacy.

Popular places to visit-

Basilica of Bom Jesus (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Se Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Church of St. Francis of Assisi (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Chapel of Santa Catarina (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Ruins of the Church of St. Augustine (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Church of Divine Providence (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

These are the top six sites to visit in Goa to see the greatest of the state’s attractions, which include beaches, churches, spice farms, waterfalls, and temples, among others. Which aspect of Goa tourism appeals to you the most, and how many of these Goa tourist attractions have you seen? Please share your stories with us!


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