10 Best Places to visit in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, are you planning a trip there? Then, you are at the right place as we have curated some of the best places to visit in South East Asia. Southeast Asia is a blend of 11 countries divided into mainlands and islands with varied culture, history and religion. There are many languages spoken in Southeast Asia in various countries of the continent. The world’s most beautiful and famous countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia lie here. The southeast Asian countries are economically developed owing to their rich tourism sector. We have made a list of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia, do check this out.

1. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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Ha Long Bay has been described as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for quite a while now. The place comprises many islands that are covered by lush green jungles which are actually very tall monolithic cliffs. Some of these are home to magnificent unique caves that are sure to leave anybody spellbound. Ha Long Bay is a famous overnight stop for cruises and tours here in Vietnam. The island has a lot to offer tourists and is even home to some people who live on floating boats and permanently reside here.

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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Angkor Wat is no doubt one of the most famous places in Cambodia. Located in Northwestern Cambodia, the country is a blend of beautiful colonial and Chinese architecture. Ankor Wat is a famous World Heritage Site. This is the largest religious monument in the World, popularly known as Hindu-Bhuddhist Temple. The Khmer architecture of the 12th century is very well demonstrated by Angkor Wat.

3. Bagan, Myanmar

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Bagan is famous for its Buddhist Temples and Pagodas built here in the 11th & 13th century. As a matter of fact, over 10000 temples and Pagodas were built and surprisingly around 3500 still stand strong. Some of the most famous sites to visit in Bagan are Ananda Temple, Bagan Archeological Museum and Dhammayangi Temple. The latter is known for its bricked up interior and is visible from all corners of the city as well.

4. Kon Samui, Thailand

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Kon Samui is a modern city located in the heart of Thailand. It has many beautiful resorts, spas and beaches, Lamai & Chaweng being the most famous beaches. Travelers can indulge in many fun activities like scuba diving, swimming and a lot more. Apart from beaches, take time to explore Ang Thong Marine National Park, Bhuddha Shrine, Na Muang Waterfall. Kon Samui is a must visit place in Thailand as there is a lot to do and see.

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is the heart of the country, being the financial hub and the most beautiful city comprising some of World’s largest shopping centers along with many other skyscrapers. The city has magnificent buildings with islamic and colonial architecture. Kuala Lumpur is home to World’s largest Aviary Park and also the tallest twin buildings of the world. The city is a mix of everything from culture to art and architecture.

6. Singapore

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Singapore, one of the World’s most technologically advanced country and a famous destination in Southeast Asia for tourists. The country is a perfect place to visit with your family and friends as it has many tourist attractions and people from all over the world come here. Universal Studios, Merlion & Singapore Flyer are some of the best places to visit in Singapore.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world with Bangkok attracting the largest number. From historical landmarks to cultural places, shopping hubs to Palaces, Bangkok has it all. The city is famous for its astounding skyscrapers, Buddhist Temples, street life and Golden Palace.

8. Komodo Island, Indonesia

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Komodo Island is home to World’s largest Lizards known as Komodo Dragons. Located in the eastern Indonesia, it is one of the most cheapest places to visit in South-East Asia. If you are adventurous and brave hearted then you must surely visit this place for a unique and unforgettable experience.

9. Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Are you an adventure lover, Chiang Mai is a paradise for you. The city has a lot to do and explore even after sunlight it never fails to surprise tourists, having a vibrant nightlife. Chiang Mai is also a perfect place for shopaholics and water sports lovers, it is definitely worth a visit while in Thailand. This country is among the most visited places in Southeast Asia.

10. Boracay, Phillipines

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Boracay is a small island and the best place to visit in the Philippines owing to its colourful beaches where tourists enjoy sunsets and water sports. Another famous place in Boracay is Wiley’s Rock known for the Virgin Mary statue.

Southeast Asia is a great place to explore as there are countless places to visit in various countries of southeast asia. From Vitetnam, Thailand to Singapore and Malaysia, there are many beautiful places and interesting things for tourists.

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