Best places to celebrate Holi in India


Looking for the best places to play Holi? you have struck the right page. Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal at various places in India. Holi is primarily celebrated in North India but many other places in the country hold spectacular celebrations of Holi. Check the whole list to find it out and select the best place for your Holi celebrations.


Lathmar Holi 1. Barsana

Barsana tops our list because it is the best place to play Holi in India. A small town is located in Uttar Pradesh is known for the unique Lathmar Holi that takes place. This Holi is associated with Radha & Krishna. The women of Barsana & Nandgaon – two suburbs of Mathura playfully beat men with laths or sticks. Apart from the lathmar Holi, ladoo Holi is also celebrated here where people smear ladoo on each other’s faces.

Best places to celebrate Holi in India 1

2. Mathura

Mathura is among the top destination to celebrate Holi as it holds the roots of the festival. The spectacular celebrations in this braj region will leave you with memories to cherish lifelong. Every year, it attracts thousands of people to the devotional atmosphere. The Dwarkadeesh Temple is the epicenter of Holi where people gather in the morning. They sing, dance, chant bhajans, and get lost in the merriment of Holi. A famous show also takes place at Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple which attracts devotees from all over the country. Mathura is a sort of after destination for Holi celebrations, believe us when we say it is a lifetime experience.



3. Vrindavan

Vrindavan is drenched with colors on Holi. A day before Holi, ‘Ekadashi’ phoolon ki Holi is played where flowers are thrown on devotees by the priests of the temple. Apart from this, another unique celebration that takes place here is the Widow Holi. It started a couple of years back to break the convention that widows should play Holi or wear colourful clothes.



4. Jaipur

The Pink city turns into a rainbow on the day of holi. It is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in Jaipur. The Royal family hosts the gala celebrations to aid the local charities. People enjoy traditional Rajasthani folk dance & enjoy along with gulal play at the Khasa Kothi Hotel. Another attraction is the Govind Dev Ki Temple where people offer marigold flowers to God and enjoy the singing & dancing in a devotional atmosphere.

Best places to celebrate Holi in India 2

5. Udaipur

Are you looking for a royal Holi this year, do visit Udaipur. Holi is celebrated with great zeal & gusto in Udaipur, celebrations begin with the Holika Dahan at the Royal Palace courtyard where people enjoy the local ‘Gair’ dance, a day before holi. The next day people share sweets, rejoice in the gulal play while dancing & singing to the beats of musicians.


6. Agra

The dynamism of festive fervor is quite high in Agra. The place brings forth many opportunities to indulge themselves in the hholi play and they are spoilt for choices to select. One knows that the festive fervor is very high when you see people gulping glasses of bhaang, grooving to the tunes of music. Come and join the crazy celebrations in the city of Taj.


Best places to celebrate Holi in India 3

7. Mumbai

The city of dreams is ready to surprise you with its holi festivities. The resorts, hotels, grounds are all full of people to partake in the Holi celebrations. Looking for grand celebrations?, visit Mumbai. Grooving to the tunes of thumping music, enjoying the rain dance along with the cocktails will make you appreciate your decision to choose Mumbai for Holi celebrations.


8. Anandpur Sahib

You are wrong if you believe that holi is only celebrated in North India. Anandpur Sahib, a city in Punjab is a very famous place to celebrate Holi. People celebrate the foundation of Khalsa on the day of Holi by holding a three-day event. This event is a display of the Sikh’s pageantry known as Hola Mohalla. The people of Punjab enjoy wrestling, sword fighting, poetry, singing, and dancing in a three-day event. Many other activities also take place in the event accompanied by Lungar. Do visit Anandpur Sahib to witness an altogether unique yet amazing Holi celebration.


9. Purulia

Purulia is a hidden gem full of beautiful landscapes, hills, and greenery all over the place located in the heart of West Bengal. If not in North India, then Purulia is the best place for your holi celebrations. The traditional style Holi or locally known as Dol festival is celebrated in a 3-day event where the locals perform different dance forms like Chau dance, Natua dance in the gaiety of Holi.


10. Hampi

Hampi is a beautiful town and celebrations Holi here could be an exceptional experience. The temples and other places of Hampi are full of people dancing, singing, and smearing gulals. After playing holi, people take a dip in the holy waters of Tungabhadra, this tradition is associated with the notion of washing away sins in the water. Do visit Hampi, for Holi in a beautiful place surrounded by natural landscapes and sceneries.

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