Finland in September: A Symphony of Autumn Magic

Embrace the entrancing attraction of Finland in September as the country transforms into a vibrant autumn beauty. Discover a kaleidoscope of occasions and pursuits, from age-old harvest festivals and cultural celebrations to exhilarating sporting events, up-close encounters with wildlife, and the mesmerising Northern Lights. For tourists looking to experience the charm of the Arctic autumn, Finland in September provides a fascinating and varied experience.

Welcome to Finland in September, a month marked by enthralling change as the landscapes of summer give way to the colourful tones of the changing seasons. September ushers in a symphony of events that highlight Finland’s distinctive culture, landscape, and wildlife as the warm warmth of the sun fades into longer nights. September offers an enticing variety of activities for tourists seeking an authentic Arctic experience, ranging from traditional harvest celebrations to exhilarating sporting events, experiences with the mesmerising Northern Lights, and chances to view Finland’s abundant biodiversity. Join us as we investigate the enchanted experiences Finland has to offer you during this beautiful autumnal season.


1. Ruska-Week in Ruka-Kuusamo:

During the Ruska-Week in Ruka-Kuusamo, where the Finnish Lapland transforms into a kaleidoscopic paradise, take in the spectacular splendour of autumn. The landscapes are painted in shades of red, orange, and gold as the summer draws to a close, creating the mesmerising show known as “ruska.”

Ruska-Week in Ruka-Kuusamo in Finland in September
Ruska-Week in Ruka-Kuusamo

Photographers and nature lovers alike throng to this event to watch the brilliant foliage and get breathtaking images of the shifting landscape. In order to experience the magnificent forests and fells and to develop a closer bond with Arctic nature, tourists can join guided hiking tours. In addition to being a beautiful treat, the Ruska-Week offers visitors the chance to take in the peace and quiet of Finland’s northernmost area as summer gives way to fall.


2. Baltic Herring Market:

At the Baltic Herring Market, an annual gathering of fishermen and seafood lovers, you can fully experience Helsinki’s rich nautical tradition. This bustling market, held on the scenic harbour, offers a variety of herring dishes and other fresh seafood specialities, all served with a distinctively Finnish flair.

Baltic Herring Market in Finland in September
Baltic Herring Market

Enjoy traditional herring meals like marinated herring and herring pastries while strolling through the kiosks, as well as more contemporary takes on these well-liked foods. In order to understand the significance of herring in Finnish culture and cuisine, visitors can interact with local fishermen and traders. The Baltic Herring Market is more than simply a culinary adventure; it’s also an opportunity to celebrate Helsinki’s coastal identity and take part in the age-old custom of savouring delicious seafood by the sea.


3. Levi Bike Fest in Finland in September:

For mountain bikers looking for adventure amid the stunning scenery of the Finnish Lapland, Levi Bike Fest is a haven. Participants can experience the challenging terrain of Levi and its surroundings by riding on a variety of routes that are suitable for varying ability levels.

Levi Bike Fest in Finland in September
Levi Bike Fest

Levi Bike Fest offers an exceptional bicycling experience in the Arctic tundra, with everything from easy tracks through tranquil forests to difficult courses winding through the fells. The festival promotes friendship among bikers, making it a great place to meet like-minded travellers and exchange tales of biking adventures amidst Finland’s breathtaking natural beauty.


4. NUTS Pallas – Ylläs Fell Race:

The NUTS Pallas – Ylläs Fell Race, an intense competition that highlights the raw grandeur of Finland’s northernmost terrain, attracts thrill-seekers and trail-running aficionados to the Ylläs-Pallas National Park. While taking in the stunning sights of the Arctic wilderness, participants can choose their chosen challenge level from the race’s range of distances and elevations.

NUTS Pallas - Ylläs Fell Race
NUTS Pallas – Ylläs Fell Race

The NUTS Pallas – Ylläs Fell Race promises a memorable voyage across Finland’s intriguing fells, whether you’re an expert trail runner looking for a new adrenaline rush or a nature enthusiast keen to explore the difficult terrains of Lapland.


5. Whale-Watching in Hailuoto:

In the coastal village of Hailuoto, where migratory whales pass through the Gulf of Bothnia in September, embark on an exciting whale-watching excursion. Visitors can spot these gentle giants of the sea in their native homes on the boat cruises that take them into the Arctic waters.

Whale-Watching in Hailuoto
Whale-Watching in Hailuoto

Everyone who witnesses whales moving beautifully through the ocean and occasionally breaching the surface is profoundly moved by the sight. The whale-watching experience in Hailuoto is a tribute to the pristine beauty and richness of Finland’s coastal regions for those who enjoy wildlife and the outdoors.


6. Husky Safari under the Northern Lights:

A husky safari beneath the Northern Lights is a unique Arctic excursion that mixes the romance of huskies with the ethereal grandeur of the Aurora Borealis. Glide across the Lapland wilderness on a dog sledge while being guided by the moon and stars, the huskies’ passionate cries adding to the magic of the night.

Northern Lights in Finland in September
Northern Lights

A strange and hypnotic atmosphere is created by the Northern Lights dancing above, making the husky safari a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see two of Finland’s most famous natural phenomena coexist. This safari in the centre of Finland’s Arctic beauty is an amazing adventure thanks to the husky-led tour through the Arctic landscapes and the mesmerising display of the Northern Lights.


Finland in September provides a symphony of experiences, from historic harvest festivals and cultural festivities to exhilarating sporting events, up-close encounters with wildlife, and the mesmerising Northern Lights show. Travellers may immerse themselves in Finnish culture, see the treasures of its national parks, and take in nature’s most mesmerising displays as the nation transforms into the vivid colours of autumn. As you go out on an exciting voyage of discovery through the entrancing Arctic autumn, embrace the beauty of Finland in September.

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