France in August: Indulging in the Pure Delight of Summer

With this all-inclusive guide to sun-drenched landscapes, cultural extravaganzas, and intriguing activities, discover the charm of France in August. Discover the best things to do, places you just must see, and the special charm that this colourful summer month offers to the heart of France.

August in France is a symphony of summertime delights when the country’s sun-kissed landscapes, vibrant festivals, and mouthwatering cuisine come together to create the ideal summertime mosaic. I’m a travel copywriter for Triplou, and I’d like to take you on a trip through the heart of France in August when the flavours of the season entice you, the countryside is lit up, and cultural events are underway.

France in August provides a multitude of experiences for every traveller, from the lavender fields of Provence to the vibrant alleys of Lyon during the Nuits de Fourvière, the glitz of Deauville’s American Film Festival, the nautical appeal of Brittany, and the thrilling Feria of Bayonne. Come along with me as we explore the fascinating activities, delicious cuisine, and stunning locations that make this midsummer month the perfect time to travel across the nation.


A fragrant sea of purple under the Provençal sun.

The famous lavender fields of Provence are in full flower in August, offering a sight and aroma that are just breathtaking. See some of the most breathtaking lavender fields on Earth by travelling to the Plateau de Valensole and the Luberon region.

Lavender Fields of Provence
Lavender Fields of Provence

As you stroll through these fields, the soothing scent of lavender will surround you, and bees will be busy gathering nectar from the petals. Aside from lavender, the picturesque Provence villages such as Roussillon and Gordes provide an ideal setting for your tour. Don’t miss the Abbaye de Sénanque, a 12th-century monastery surrounded by fragrant, lush lavender fields.


An eclectic cultural feast in the heart of Lyon.

The historic city of Lyon hosts the annual Nuits de Fourvière cultural festival every August. This multidisciplinary event showcases both established international artists and up-and-coming talent with a varied programme of dance, theatre, music, and film.

Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon in France in August
Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon

The Fourvière Roman Amphitheatre serves as the festival’s venue and provides a breathtaking setting for creative acts. Enjoy ballets, theatre plays, and outdoor concerts under the magnificent August skies. Immerse yourself in Lyon’s artistic energy during the Nuits de Fourvière, a celebration of innovation and culture.


Glamour and cinema on the Normandy coast.

Every year in late August, the Normandy seaside town of Deauville hosts the Deauville American Film Festival. This esteemed film festival brings together actors, directors, and movie buffs from all over the world to honour American filmmaking.

Deauville American Film Festival
Deauville American Film Festival

The festival offers Q&A sessions with actors and producers, red-carpet parties, and screenings of the newest American films. During the festival, the Promenade des Planches, a charming boardwalk in Deauville, transforms into a glamorous hotspot with celebrity handprints in the sand that resemble the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Deauville American Film Festival combines beach charm with top-notch cinema.


Maritime allure and cultural heritage in France in August

The stunning province of Brittany, which is renowned for its untamed coastline, quaint towns, and distinctive cultural customs, is best explored around August. There are many charming fishing ports in the area, like Saint-Malo and Concarneau, where you may enjoy fresh seafood and see examples of mediaeval architecture.

Brittany's Coastal Charms
Brittany’s Coastal Charms

The annual Festival Interceltique de Lorient, a celebration of Celtic music and culture, is also held in Brittany. This festival, which takes place in early August, celebrates the rich Celtic heritage of Brittany with a parade, traditional dance performances, and concerts.


A vibrant Spanish-style festival in the Basque Country.

The picturesque French Basque city of Bayonne hosts the vibrant and energetic Feria of Bayonne every year. This annual event, which is held in early August, is modelled by French bullfighting festivities in Spain.

Feria of Bayonne in France in August
Feria of Bayonne

Parades, bullfights, traditional Basque music and dancing, and a vibrant atmosphere that fills Bayonne’s streets are all part of the Feria. The heart of the festivities is the city’s historic centre, where both locals and tourists dress in white and red to fully embrace the holiday atmosphere. A sample of the Basque customs and joie de vivre of the area can be had at the Feria of Bayonne, a colourful and distinctive cultural event.


Lavender fields, cultural extravaganzas, glamorous film scenes, charming seaside towns, and lively Basque festivals adorn France in August. There is something for every traveller to treasure, whether they are exploring the maritime allure of Brittany, taking in the cultural richness of Lyon’s Nuits de Fourvière, strolling through the lavender fields of Provence, or taking part in the thrilling Feria of Bayonne. August is the epitome of French summertime: a season of festivity, culture, and unadulterated delight. Take into account August’s distinctive appeal and varied offerings of France when you plan your midsummer journey. This magical and culturally delightful season will leave you with priceless recollections of your trip across France.

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