Iceland in September: Embark on an Enchanting and Thrilling Journey

Visit Iceland in September to experience its allure, where exciting events coexist with the colours of the changing seasons. Explore glacial lagoons, take part in traditional events, and see the Northern Lights. Icelandic culture and the magic of nature are at their best in September.

Iceland welcomes visitors in September with a special fusion of natural beauty and cultural celebrations. The landscapes are covered with vivid colours as summer gives way to autumn, giving an incredible canvas for exploration. September offers a variety of interesting events, from the elusive Northern Lights making a comeback to the harvest festivals at nearby farms.

The breathtaking glacial lagoons, the dramatic coastlines, and the cinematic splendour of the Reykjavik International Film Festival are all accessible to tourists. Iceland in September promises an extraordinary voyage into the heart of the Arctic, whether it’s seeking peace in geothermal hot springs or taking part in customary Icelandic rituals.


1. Aurora Borealis – The Return of the Northern Lights:

The Northern Lights, a dazzling display of shimmering colours, make a triumphant comeback to Iceland’s night skies in September. For the best view of this otherworldly phenomenon, visitors can make their way to distant locations like the Snaefellsnes Peninsula or the Lake Myvatn region, which are away from the city lights. All who see the celestial dance are mesmerised by the lovely glow created by the brilliant green, purple, and pink lights.

Aurora Borealis in Norway in September
Aurora Borealis

The experience is enhanced by guided Northern Lights tours, where local experts share intriguing insights into the physics and folklore of this natural wonder. There are many possibilities to see the Northern Lights in all their glory in September because of the beautiful skies and longer nights. Travellers watch in astonishment as the lights flow across the horizon and experience a profound sense of awe.


2. Glacial Lagoons – A Surreal Encounter with Ice Sculptures:

Iceland’s glacier lagoons, where enormous icebergs delicately float on calm waters, are accessible in September. Icebergs calve from the neighbouring Vatnajokull glacier and float towards the ocean as they pass by Jokulsarlon, one of the most well-known glacial lagoons in the nation. The mesmerising blue hues and intricate patterns of these natural ice sculptures can be seen up close by tourists on boat cruises.

Glacial Lagoons - A Surreal Encounter with Ice Sculptures
Glacial Lagoons – A Surreal Encounter with Ice Sculptures

The picturesque Diamond Beach is close to Jokulsarlon, where icebergs that wash ashore shine like diamonds against the striking black sand. Photographers and nature lovers will find themselves in a visual paradise in this bizarre and appealing setting. Travellers are left with indelible recollections of nature’s artistic handiwork thanks to the glacier lagoons, which serve as a reminder of Iceland’s constantly shifting and breathtaking landscapes.


3. Hiking Along Dramatic Coastlines – Iceland in September:

Adventurers are invited to explore Iceland’s breathtaking coasts in September when there are fewer tourists around than in the height of the summer season. Awe-inspiring hiking routes like the Fimmvorduhals Pass between the glaciers of Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull provide thrilling adventures along the South Coast. Hikers travel through a variety of environments, including verdant valleys, lava fields, and glacial tongues, all the while taking in the dramatic coastline.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve
Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

The Westfjords, a location famed for its majestic cliffs and tranquil fjords, is a great destination for those seeking a secluded and wild adventure. There are strenuous multi-day hikes available in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve that immerse hikers in the unspoiled wilderness and an abundance of wildlife. Every step is a memorable encounter with Iceland’s natural beauty thanks to September’s moderate weather and autumnal hues.


4. Reykjavik International Film Festival – A Cinematic Celebration:

The Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF), which draws movie buffs from all over the world, takes the stage every September. This film festival has an excellent selection of both Icelandic and foreign films, including thought-provoking feature films, compelling documentaries, and motivational short films. RIFF is a showcase for the skill of visual storytelling, bringing together audiences from many cultures and viewpoints.

Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF)
Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF)

The festival features screenings at numerous locations throughout Reykjavik, fostering a lively and energetic atmosphere. Workshops, seminars, and Q&A sessions with actors, directors, and other industry professionals are also available to attendees. RIFF offers visitors a special chance to immerse themselves in the movie industry, find up-and-coming actors, and learn about how these cinematic masterpieces were made.


5. Harvest Celebrations – Embracing Icelandic Traditions:

Harvest festivals take place in Iceland in September when local farms honour long-standing customs. The Laugaras Festival, which takes place in the quaint village of Laugaras, is one such occasion. The event offers visitors a realistic look into rural life and culture by showcasing traditional Icelandic music, dancing, and folk acts. A hospitable and immersive experience is created by the lively festivities and the friendly welcome of the people.


The “Réttir,” another unusual custom, involves farmers gathering their sheep from the highlands and leading them back to lower pastures. Travellers have the chance to observe the close bond that Icelanders have with their country by witnessing the sight of sheep herding, which involves the entire neighbourhood.


The stunning Northern Lights are back in Iceland in September, and visitors may also explore glacial lagoons and dramatic coasts. Celebrate the traditional harvest while embracing the cinematic magic of the Reykjavik International Film Festival. Travellers may enjoy a rich and fascinating experience amidst the stunning Arctic landscapes in Iceland during the month of September, which is a period of enchantment and cultural celebrations.

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