Turkey in May: A Delightful Fusion of Culture, Cuisine, and Nature

Discover Turkey in May, a month rich in natural beauties, delicious cuisine, and cultural diversity. In the centre of Turkey, learn about special events, places that simply must be seen, and the alluring spirit of this colourful season.

Turkey in May offers a mesmerising fusion of delicious food, historic customs, and varied scenery. Travellers are treated to a perfect backdrop as the nation comes alive with colourful festivals as spring approaches. As a travel copywriter for Triplou, I cordially encourage you to embark on an adventure in May in the heart of Turkey, a land of unparalleled natural beauty, gastronomic wonders, and cultural treasures.

Turkey in May provides a wide variety of experiences, from the captivating Whirling Dervishes of Konya to the vibrant Istanbul Tulip Festival, the customary Camel Wrestling Festival, the picturesque vistas of Cappadocia, and the Mediterranean paradise of Antalya. Come along as we explore these fascinating activities, delectable foods, and gorgeous locations that make this springtime month the ideal time to travel the nation.


Experience the mesmerizing Whirling Dervishes in Konya.

Hıdrellez, or May 4th, is a unique day for the ethereal Whirling Dervishes. The Mevlevi Order’s and Rumi’s hometown of Konya is the ideal location to observe this fascinating ceremony. The ritual represents a spiritual awakening and a relationship with the divine.

Whirling Dervishes in Konya
Konya: The Spiritual Journey of the Whirling Dervishes

Attendees can witness the captivating performance of Dervishes, who spin about in white robes in an attempt to achieve a transcendental state of consciousness. The encounter provides an understanding of Rumi’s teachings and Turkey’s spiritual legacy.


Admire the colourful tulip displays in Istanbul.

During the Istanbul Tulip Festival in May, millions of tulips are used to decorate Istanbul. Tulips of all hues bloom, bringing a riot of colour to the city’s parks, squares, and historic landmarks.

Istanbul Tulip Festival: A Burst of Color
Istanbul Tulip Festival: A Burst of Color

In addition to taking part in numerous events and seminars centred around these exquisite flowers, visitors can peruse the breathtaking tulip displays. The event honours the entrance of spring and is a visual feast, making it ideal for leisurely walks and photography.


Witness the traditional Camel Wrestling Festival.

The Camel Wrestling Festival, which is held in several districts, especially in Aydın and Selçuk, is one of Turkey’s most unusual customs. Usually, the celebration lasts until May.

Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship: An Entertaining Tradition
Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship: An Entertaining Tradition

Colourful decorations on camels are used to create a friendly wrestling match atmosphere. There will be dancing, music, and a fun environment at the event. Playful competitions amongst these gentle giants are a strange yet intriguing cultural experience.


Soar above the enchanting landscapes of Cappadocia.

The magnificent vistas of Cappadocia, in central Turkey, are best explored around May. Famous attractions in the area include hot air balloon rides, underground cities, and unusual rock formations.

Experience the enchanting landscapes of Cappadocia.
Cappadocia: An Autumn Wonderland

At sunrise, visitors can take a hot air balloon ride above the ethereal landscapes, watching as the sun creates a warm glow around the bizarre rock formations and fairy chimneys. In May, Cappadocia is a serene and enchanted place to visit.


Enjoy the Mediterranean paradise of Antalya in Turkey in May

Antalya, situated along the Turkish Mediterranean coast, beckons visitors with its idyllic beaches, historical sites, and vibrant nightlife. May offers pleasant weather and a perfect mix of relaxation and exploration.

Mediterranean Paradise in Antalya: Beaches and Ancient Ruins in Turkey in May
Mediterranean Paradise in Antalya: Beaches and Ancient Ruins

Travellers can bask in the Mediterranean sun on the city’s beautiful beaches, explore ancient ruins like Perge and Aspendos, and savour fresh seafood and Turkish cuisine at seaside restaurants. Antalya in May is a delightful blend of nature, history, and leisure.


May in Turkey is a time for meditative dances, vibrant tulip displays, distinct customs, mesmerising scenery, and Mediterranean havens. Every experience, whether it’s flying over the breathtaking scenery of Cappadocia, taking in the Mediterranean paradise of Antalya, witnessing the traditional Camel Wrestling Festival, admiring the vibrant displays of colour at the Istanbul Tulip Festival, or marvelling at the mesmerising Whirling Dervishes in Konya, has its own distinct charm and significance.

Turkey in May is the epitome of springtime—a season rich in gastronomy, culture, and the allure of the nation. Take Turkey’s distinct charm and varied offerings into consideration as you organise your springtime travels in May. This magical and culturally delightful season will leave you with priceless memories of your trip to Turkey.

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