Turkey in September: A Perfect Blend of Culture, Adventure, and Mediterranean Splendor

Discover Turkey in September, a country rich in cultural events, historical sites, and gorgeous seaside towns. As summer gives way to fall, discover unique events, must-see locations, and the appeal of this Mediterranean gem.

September is a great month to visit Turkey since the weather is still pleasant and the Mediterranean coast is still glowing from the late summer sun. This month is a great time to visit historic locations, take part in exciting celebrations, and enjoy some of the most breathtaking beaches on the planet.

September in Turkey provides a wide variety of experiences, including the historic marvel of Aphrodisias, the vibrant Antalya International Piano Festival, the captivating Istanbul Biennial, the exciting Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship, and the tranquil getaway to the Lycian Way. Now is the ideal time to travel around the nation as we experience these fascinating events, indulge in delicious food, and relax on charming beaches.


Marvel at the splendour of Aphrodisias in Turkey in September

September is the perfect month to discover Turkey’s historical treasures, and Aphrodisias is a particularly noteworthy ancient site. This intact metropolis is a testament to the legacy of the Roman and Greek civilizations.

Aphrodisias: An Ancient Marvel in Turkey in September
Aphrodisias: An Ancient Marvel

The magnificent Theatre of Aphrodisias, which has space for 8,000 spectators, and the magnificent Tetrapylon, an elaborate doorway filled with sculptures, are sights that visitors should not miss. Highlights of the city are the magnificent Aphrodisias Museum and the Temple of Aphrodite.

An intriguing archaeological site that offers glimpses into the opulence of the past is Aphrodisias. The city was well-known for its sculptures and was devoted to the goddess Aphrodite. The sculptures and artefacts in the museum are remarkable.


Experience the enchanting notes of the Antalya International Piano Festival.

Held in September, the Antalya International Piano Festival honours classical music and piano performances. This festival is a delight for music lovers, bringing in well-known pianists from all over the world.

ntalya International Piano Festival: A Musical Extravaganza
Antalya International Piano Festival: A Musical Extravaganza

There will be piano recitals, chamber music concerts, and orchestra performances during the festival. Attendees can enjoy Antalya’s beautiful climate while delving into the world of classical music.

Music enthusiasts may enjoy a cultural treat at the Antalya International Piano Festival, where they can see the skills of internationally renowned pianists. The performances provide an immersive musical experience as they are held in a variety of modern and historic settings.


Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art at the Istanbul Biennial.

Usually taking place in September, the Istanbul Biennial is a vibrant festival of modern art and global artists. A variety of artistic disciplines are featured in this biennial event, including visual arts, performances, installations, and more.

Visitors can view exhibitions at a variety of locations throughout Istanbul, many of which are public areas, cultural organisations, and historic buildings. The inventive and thought-provoking approach to art that the Istanbul Biennial takes prides itself on.

Istanbul Biennial: A Celebration of Contemporary Art
Istanbul Biennial: A Celebration of Contemporary Art

A must-see event for culture enthusiasts, the Istanbul Biennial offers visitors a dynamic and varied environment in which to interact with modern art. It’s a chance to experience modern art firsthand and to see how creative Turkish and international artists can be.


Witness the exhilarating Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship.

Held in September, the Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship, or Deve Güreşleri, is a distinctive and fun occasion. This fascinating custom brings together colourfully costumed camels that wrestle in bouts.

Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship: An Entertaining Tradition
Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship: An Entertaining Tradition

The aim of camel wrestling, as encouraged by their handlers, is to force the other camel to the ground or out of the wrestling area. It’s an exciting display of power, skill, and often hilarious shenanigans.

A unique and exciting event, the Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship highlights Turkey’s rich cultural legacy. The competition is frequently fierce, and spectators are enthused, coming to support their preferred camels.


Embark on a journey along the Lycian Way.

For those seeking adventure and natural beauty, the Lycian Way is a magnificent hiking trail along the Mediterranean coast. This long-distance trek is known for its picturesque views, ancient ruins, and serene beaches.

Lycian Way: A Trek Along the Ancient Trail
Lycian Way: A Trek Along the Ancient Trail

Hikers can traverse portions of the trail, exploring historical sites such as the ancient city of Olympos, the rock-cut tombs of Myra, and the charming village of Kas. The trail provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking landscape and rich history.

The Lycian Way is a trekking paradise, offering the chance to experience the stunning beauty of Turkey’s southwestern coast. Hikers can choose from various sections of the trail, each providing its own set of wonders and challenges.


September in Turkey is a season for curious customs, hiking along the Lycian Way, classical music, modern art, and historic marvels. Every experience has its own special charm and significance, whether you’re touring the historical treasures of Aphrodisias, taking in the mesmerising sounds of the Antalya International Piano Festival, delving into the world of contemporary art at the Istanbul Biennial, seeing the exciting Selçuk Camel Wrestling Championship, or hiking the Lycian Way. September captures the spirit of late summer in Turkey, a season of artistic discoveries, cultural discovery, and the unadulterated beauty of the nation’s landscapes and coastline.

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