Visa-Free And Visa On Arrival Countries To Check Out If You’re An Indian!

Are you in search of Visa-free countries for quite some time? Well, here’s your cue to look out for visa-free travel from India! 

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How exhaustive do you find visa procedures? If the answer is- a lot, then you are surely at the right place. Most countries require you to present your visa on arrival and for that, you ought to undergo a tiresome process. Certain countries don’t need you to possess a visa if you’re an Indian. Here’s a well-curated list that tells you everything you need to know to go for visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel.

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Visa-free countries for Indian Passport holders-

This list given below is an insight into hassle-free travel if you are an Indian citizen. Just pack up your bags, book your flights and hotels to your favorite destination for visa-free travel. Just one thing, don’t forget to carry your passport!

1. Jamaica

This Caribbean island offers visa-free travel for Indian citizens. Hold tight for you are about to rush into the turquoise waters of the island’s beaches!

Note- Don’t forget to check their website for the latest news before booking a trip. 

2. Macau

Famously known as the Vegas of China, Macau is an amazing place to be! Relish the myriad blend of cultures as you come across this captivating city along with its wondrous beauty. Stroll across the Macau Peninsula to see the old city center, and also make sure to visit the islands of Taipa, Cotai, and Colonae! Enjoy visa-free travel in this stupendous country!

3. Nepal

Tick off seeing Mount Everest from your bucket list ever since your childhood. Become patrons to other glorious places, temples, and monasteries in this beautiful country!

4. Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the smallest countries on earth. Nonetheless. it’s the biggest source of happiness for Indian citizens who can easily go for visa-free travel. How cool is this, isn’t it? Sign up for rejuvenating yoga studios and relaxation retreats, along with hiking and cycling on dainty routes. Also, participate in the vibrant festivals, and sing and dance all along!

Visa-on-arrival countries for Indian passport holders

There are about 30 countries around the world that demand visa-on-arrival from Indian passport holders. Given below is a list of countries that you can visit with a visa-on-arrival as Indian citizens.

1. Indonesia

With its hundreds of islands and myriad beaches, Indonesia is a popular place to chill among travelers from all across the world. Visit this gorgeous country with a visa-on-arrival and relish every bit of fun, frolic, and relaxation.

2. Thailand

What an amazing country to travel with a visa-on-arrival? Its fantastic beauty and historical attractions attract thousands of tourists every year. Right from a happening nightlife to a perfect holiday destination for all, Thailand is your place to be! It is made even more appealing by its visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. What’s stopping you from visiting Bangkok ASAP?

3. Jordan

Jordan is best known for its historic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra. This vintage city is a soulful and unique experience in itself. Go for Amman, the capital of Jordan as your unique Middle Eastern experience, more so because you only need a visa-on-arrival for the same!

4. Seychelles

Seychelles is a hub of beautiful beaches. If you have a knack for adventure, then surely go for scuba diving or snorkeling. Enjoy picturesque views and calming waters.

5. The Maldives

What a place to only provide a visa-on-arrival! The fabulous beaches, glistening waters, and luxury stays are sure to keep you busy and elevated!

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