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Mumbai (Bombay) is the commercial capital of India and the capital of Maharashtra is India’s largest and one of the most beautiful cities. The city is famous for its world-class architecture, and modern and astounding buildings. This city has it all, be it history, art, culture, food, cinema, or theatre with exciting nightlife. Are you...
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Little Excursions for Long Weekends The weekend is just around the corner, I’m sure you must be planning a weekend trip as the monsoons have arrived. After all, the monsoons are for traveling, eating, and having fun, what could be better than going on a weekend trip with your family or friends? Are you not...
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Delhi was initially amongst the worst places in India to be affected by covid1-9. Nonetheless, it continues to do so. However, with the opening of lockdown in India, Delhi seems to be the most functional of all places. With the start of metros in an orderly fashion, an affirmation comes forward for tourists/passengers willing to...
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