Ritika Baliyan
Reasons Why Staycations are the New Vacations: How to Have the Best Staycation Ever!
Staycation is One of the Best Ideas Staycation is One of the Best Ideas to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life without having to spend a lot of money or time traveling. It can be a great way to reconnect with your family, relax, and explore your own backyard. There...
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Jodhpur is a city of plush palaces and mighty forts that bear witness to its rich history and culture. Visits to these locations bring to life the vibrant heritage and glorious traditions preserved in the form of paintings, statues, arts, and artifacts that have stood the test of time. These colossal forts and palaces have...
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Norway continues to provide a plethora of reasons to visit the country. The beaches in Norway, on the other hand, are a must-visit. Norway is a total mood, with its vast coastline, clear skies, sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. You must give Norway a chance because it will provide you with a thousand reasons...
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How about ditching your regular rum and gin to relish these South Asian alcohols this winter?! Not to mention that this is indeed the time to go local and vouch for something indigenous. Why travel all across the globe in search of something that is readily available in your own country or neighboring places? Moreover,...
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Things to do in Iceland are innumerable and filled with a plethora of unusual attractions. When you visit the Land of Fire and Ice, you can expect to see the island’s amazing volcanoes, glaciers, and peaks. The midnight sun or northern lights above add to the enchantment. However, if you want to see more of...
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Mountains in Switzerland
Mountains in Switzerland are truly a sight to behold. They are everything that you dream about and seek solace in fiction. Brimming with heart-warming sceneries while being covered in sheets of white snow, the Swiss mountains are the best place to be in order to wash away your pandemic blues. a perfect blend of gorgeous...
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Isn’t the pandemic constantly stopping you from pursuing local treasures and undiscovered adventures in even your own city? Well, you gotta do something about it. We know that it isn’t making much sense but trust us, we know how it feels when you can’t travel despite the fact that mountains are calling you close! However,...
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Yala National Park is largely a dry zone covering Sri Lanka‘s southeastern areas, formed more from the perspective of saving the wildlife, making it one of the most famous and frequented national parks in the country, with a variety of ecologies including dry forests, thorn jungles, semi-deciduous forests, marine wetlands, and freshwater, as well as...
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Turkish dishes are a blend of cross-continental cultures and traditions. Turkey food is much known to invoke the true foodie in travelers! Ottoman civilization has had a great influence on Turkish food, but nature has also played a significant part. The ideal road and river links connecting the country to the rest of the world...
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Odisha cuisine, also known as Odia cuisine, is a mash-up of many goods and activities. Dishes of Odisha are heavily inspired by the cuisines of North India, Bengal, and Assam, as it is bordered by both North and South Indian states. Rice is Odisha’s primary cuisine, with mustard oil being utilized as a cooking medium...
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