Ritika Baliyan
If Thailand is on your bucket list, prepare to be enchanted, because this list of the top things to do in Bangkok Thailand will make your vacation even better! And the frosting on the cake is the pool of exotic islands that surround the mainland! Aside from that, the number of activities to do in...
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Krabi Feature image
Things to do in Krabi are just so many that it might take you ages to fulfill them all. Well, it is not that impossible! The islands are unforgettable, so if you want to go island hopping, this is the place to go. Visitors can also rent a kayak and paddle about the lagoon at...
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Chatth Puja is Bihar‘s most revered and religious event, with lakhs of worshippers flocking to pay their respects to the Sun God. It speaks favorably of the state’s deeply established folk culture and traditions. As it begins on the sixth day from Amavasya, the term Chatth means “six” (Diwali). Chhat, which is dedicated to the...
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Traveling has its own enticement. We present to you some of the infamous travel bloggers of India who are compelled to accept traveling as a way of life and make a livelihood out of it because they enjoy finding new places, learning about new cultures, and celebrating life on the road. Moreover, they not only...
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The festival of lights is just around the corner, and we that just like us, you too look forward to the best places to visit during Diwali in India.  From gorgeous lanterns to delectable sweets, the festival of lights is just around the corner, and we hope your celebration spirits are high. Simply said, while...
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best waterparks
The weather will soon heat up like anything, and school and college summer holidays will begin! Our list of best waterparks in India will not just cool this balmy weather for you but also help you enjoy your summer vacations once they begin! Sit back, relax, and let out a sigh. Because life is too...
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Temples in India are a source of peace and tranquility. The ornate building, divine shrine, fragrant prasad, and resounding rites leave one with a full heart. In India, there are many temples dedicated solely to women, where men are not permitted. Men are not allowed to enter due to customs and traditions, however, women are...
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must visit destinations in india
There are certain must-visit destinations in India that add to its diversity. As a tourist, you are sure to appreciate visiting locations and cherishing tourist spots in addition to appreciating peacefulness in hills, beautiful coastlines, and beaches, and soak in serenity. Any tourist’s first wish to visit India, a land of UNESCO World Heritage Sites,...
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Are you one of those people that gets bored with their daily routine and wishes to get away from it to some of the best hill stations in India?  If you’re one among them looking for a peaceful home, your quest is over! Some of India’s most beautiful and pristine hill stations are included below,...
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Navaratri celebrations are all about celebrating the diversity of India. In Sanskrit, the name Navratri means “nine nights”; Nava means “nine” and Ratri means “nights.” Nine various manifestations of the goddess are worshipped over these nine nights and ten days. Diversity thrives in this environment. Everything about this place is special. Whether it’s language, food,...
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