5 Best Waterparks in India To Travel With Family in the coming Summer!

The weather will soon heat up like anything, and school and college summer holidays will begin! Our list of best waterparks in India will not just cool this balmy weather for you but also help you enjoy your summer vacations once they begin! Sit back, relax, and let out a sigh. Because life is too short to be sitting on the beach when you could be having fun with water!

Best Waterparks in India

The following is a list of the top five waterparks in India:

1. Water Kingdom, Mumbai
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Water Kingdom, one of the best waterparks in India is your place to be this summer! The rides and the overall experience have only improved, all at a reasonable cost. Some classic favorites, such as the park’s artificial beach, are still available. Not only that, but directly next door at Essel World, there is also combo passes available. Water Kingdom is one of India’s most popular parks, with events ranging from school picnics to weddings and New Year’s Eve celebrations. It is India’s and Asia’s largest body of water.

Tips: To have the most stress-free time at India’s largest water park, use the locker systems.

2. Adlabs Aquamagica, Mumbai – Pune
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Many consider Adlabs Aquamagica to be India’s best water park in a long time, with friendly staff and reasonably priced meals. Even if the prices are on the upper end of the scale, people who go in groups on weekdays can expect a lot of fun. Weekends witness a large influx of people from both the congested cities of Mumbai and Pune, resulting in long lines for each ride. Each ride has its own personality, and the park as a whole has a wonderful atmosphere. Students, couples, and others can take advantage of a variety of seasonal offers.

Tips: Bring your own swimsuit because purchasing it inside can be costly. Try to go when there are bargains available.

3. Wonder La, Bangalore
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Wonderla, one of the best waterparks in India is a favorite among both young children and adults due to the variety of attractions available. The park features both a water park and a theme park, but unlike most combined parks, the quantity of rides in both categories has not been reduced. Many people find it impossible to complete all of the rides in one day, but they always have a great time. Daredevils and others who prefer to push their limits will enjoy the park’s extreme thrill rides. The cost of admission varies depending on the season. Wavy and vertical falls, Equinox, Insanity, Y-Scream, and all other high-thrill rides are must-dos.

4. Wonder la Cochin
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Wonderla Cochin, formerly known as Veega Land, is just as well kept and adored as its Bangalore cousin. Wonderla in Cochin is a terrific location to unwind and hang out in the great tropical weather of Kerala, with the shade and cool rustling of giant coconut palm leaves. It is frequented by both young and older people who want to rest.

Entrance fee: Changes with the seasons Watercoasters and Snake Slides are two must-try rides.

5. World of Wonder (WoW), Noida
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WOW, a popular water park in the heart of Noida that attracts visitors of all ages, has an amazing website that guides you through the information about the park. A great area to go for recreation, there are many events held here from time to time, and it’s fantastic if you can attend one of them. For an added dose of pleasure, you may also visit the theme park and go-karting area. Must-do rides include a Turbo tunnel, free fall.

Have we forgotten about any of your favorite parks? Please let us know! Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media and let us know about your adventure!

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