5 Romantic Island Getaways You Should Plan For


Romantic Island Getaways are one of the most relaxing trips you can experience in your life. Spending your time with your loved ones in a secluded island cut off from civilization is a dream for many. We all wish to get pampered and spend some time with our partners in tranquility and peace. Below is a list of island getaways that will have you swooning and making plans for your next vacation. Get ready to indulge in romance as you head over to your next romantic island getaway.


Top 5 Romantic Island Getaways
  • Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep-
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    While Lakshadweep may not be a very popular tourist destination owing to the difficulty to reach there, it makes up for having some very romantic and scenic islands. Bangaram Island is situated 2 hours from the airport strip at Agatti, Lakshadweep, and is thus very far from connectivity to the mainland. This makes Bangaram one of the ideal destinations to visit with your partner and spend some quality time. Moreover, the beautiful vistas, the white sand beach, emerald blue waters, and clear night skies will only help in making your romantic island getaway more special. The whole island can be covered by walking for an hour and owing to its small size, there is only one beach resort. What’s special is that the beach resort also hosts special candlelight dinners for your trip to get more memorable. Bangaram Island in Lakshadweep is thus the perfect romantic island getaway in India.

  • The Maldives-
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    What sounds more romantic than an island getaway to one of Maldives’ private island resorts! The Maldives has a total of 1192 islands and several of them only cater as island resorts. Imagine yourself walking under a starry sky hand in hand with your loved one, the waves gently crashing at your feet and the white sand beaches of Maldives. Nothing screams more romantic than the Maldives! The secluded location of the islands, the luxurious water villas, and resorts, and the scenic view of the ocean gives you the perfect feel to spend some quality time with your partner and indulge in some romance.

  • Koh Lanta-
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    Koh Lanta is a barely known destination and hence fits our list of the 5 most romantic Island getaways. Located in Thailand’s Krabi region, Koh Lanta is remotely located and boasts some virgin beaches and luxurious resorts.  The Pimalai Resort and Spa in Koh Lanta is one such luxurious resort, ideal for your romantic island getaway. 3 or 4 days on this island and is enough for you to feel pampered and relaxed. In case you are one of those thrill-seeking and adventure-loving couples, you will still have plenty of activities to do, be it parasailing or angling. Moreover, you are also treated to delicious Thai cuisine, be it a bowl of Massaman curry or Phad Thai. This gives you enough reason to bond with your partner, be it over delicious food or fun-filled activities.

  • Fiji islands-
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    Consisting of some 300 islands, Fiji has become the first choice to spend a romantic island getaway. Be it the Laucala Island in Fiji or the Mamanuca Island, Fiji has some incredible luxurious resorts and provides travelers with the perfect setting to relax. A place considered as beautiful as the heavens, the tropical climate of Fiji makes for the perfect beach getaways. From dreamy sunsets to star-filled skies, a vacation with your loved one in Fiji Island is a must-do in your lifetime.

  • Lanai-
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    If you are heading over to Hawaii and miss the island of Lanai, you are in for a great loss. The Lanai island is regarded as one of the most romantic islands to ever exist and if you are looking for some pampering, be ready to pack your bags and head over to Lanai. Offering plenty of activities and sightseeing for couples to do, Lanai will be a perfect romantic island getaway. Be it the shipwreck beach or the Polihua Beach, Lanai waits to be explored by couples and travelers.


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