How To Reach Maldives From Kolkata?

Experience the beauty of exotic places by traveling to the Maldives From Kolkata. The Maldives is a tropical country in the Indian Ocean made out of 26 coral atolls, which are comprised of approximately 1,200 coral islands. Much acclaimed for its stupendous shorelines, coral reefs, crystal blue waters, glistening blue lagoons, and much more, Maldives is visited by travelers across the globe to experience rejuvenation and leisure. Embark upon this luxurious journey if you wanna visit secluded places, away from the chaotic noises of towns and cities.

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How To Reach Maldives From Kolkata?

Search for flights from Kolkata to Maldives and Maldives to Kolkata (return ticket).  There are several airlines that connect Male Airport with Kolkata Airport. It takes approximately 7 to 11 hours to reach the Maldives from Kolkata. Kolkata to Maldives flight is a fun one rather since mostly tourists lookup for first-class couple reservations. Book your tickets a little early to avail of decent offers!

Things To Do In Your Maldives Tour From Kolkata

Given below are several engaging activities that you can be a part of in the Maldives, during your trip to the same from Kolkata.

1. Snorkeling
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Practice snorkeling on your tour to Male city, and satiate the adventure enthusiast in you. This place is further rejuvenating and helps you relish in cool breezes and crystal clear waters. Trust us, it’s a thrilling activity indeed.

2. Whale Submarine Ride
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The whale submarine ride helps you experience the marine life of Maldives. You get the stupendous chance to get close to the beautiful fishes and witness the exquisite corals underwater. This experience is truly worth every penny.

3. Male City Tour
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Explore the best of Male and visit all the acclaimed attractions like President’s Palace, Sultan Park as well as the Friday Mosque. Also, do go snorkeling while on the tour.

Knowing If Tour Is Right For You Or Not!

Well, the covid-19 pandemic must be hard on you, like the rest of us. In that case, you do deserve some pampering. Travel to the Maldives to rejuvenate, and wash away all your lock-down blues. Here are other reasons to help you make the right decisions.

  • Travel to the Maldives from Kolkata to experience the perfect undisturbed getaway at the white-sand beaches, soul-stirring surf breaks, colorful reefs, unique marine life, and a plethora of stupendous resorts with praiseworthy overwater bungalows of Maldives.
  • Our tour packages for the Maldives from Kolkata combine the best of adventure, luxury, and entertainment to provide a vacation worth-remembering and not to mention, pocket-friendly too.
  • You will get to have a soulful stay with your friends or family, keeping in mind the much-needed serenity after the pandemic situation.
  • In case you are an adventure enthusiast, you can take part in a lot of popular water activities.
  • You can even take part in a lot of sightseeing tours and make the most of your time.
  • You can bring back home some beautiful memories and astonishing souvenirs.

We hope to have encouraged you enough, to travel to the Maldives from Kolkata. Nonetheless, we feel as psyched as you might be. Therefore, do let us know about your experiences later in our comments down below!!

Happy Journey!

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