7 Unique Dining Experiences You Must Have


Traveling remains incomplete without having a good dining experience. Be it the local cuisine of the region or an extravagant dining experience in a luxury resort, food can often become the highlight of your trip. Whether you choose to dine in an underwater resort or amidst a gorgeous view of the setting sun, dining experiences are worth remembering.

As new tourist destinations come up every day and now, dining places are also emerging up daily, catering to the taste of the visitors. From Chinese to Italian, or Continental to Indian, there are restaurants specializing in each of these categories. In addition to that, some restaurants have an amazing setting and ambiance, making it a worthy dining experience in its true sense.

Here are the top unique dining experiences around the world-

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant situated some 5 meters below the sea, is truly a unique dining experience. While we can imagine dining in an open desert, or deep in the jungles of Africa, no one has thought of dining in the sea.  Situated in the Rangali Island of the gorgeous Maldives, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant made its wildest imagination come true after it started functioning in 2005. With a seating capacity of only 14, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

While Indian cuisine is not single and consists of a plethora of options and variations, Its Mughlai Cuisine has captured the attention of the world. Offering a tempting Mughlai and Awadhi dining experience in Kolkata’s Deshapriya Park is Oudh 1590. With interiors that remind of the royal bygone era and ambiance that transports you to the days of the past, Oudh 1590 has been serving up some of the best Awadhi dishes, especially its Biryani cooked in the Dum Pukht style.

  • Dining Experience in a Castle Made Up Of Snow

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What comes up to your mind when we say the word castle? Probably it won’t be the words- snow and restaurant. Well, Finland’s Kemi town builds a snow-made castle every winter and transforms it into a restaurant serving some of the most delicious food in the area. Opening first in 1996, the castle has to be remade every year during the winters as it melts away every spring. A once in a lifetime opportunity, a dining experience in this Snow restaurant cannot be missed by hook or crook.

Situated in Diani Beach in Mombasa, Kenya, Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant offers an epic dining experience. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or someone looking for a romantic dinner with your better half, Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant provides one of the best fine-dining experiences in the world. Not only does the ambiance feels out of the world in spite of its natural setting, but also the food served here is worthy of a mention.

Well, we have read fiction and seen shows, where artificial intelligence runs everything. Bringing this closer to reality is Bangkok’s Hajime Robot Restaurant where Robots are in charge of serving you dinner. The choice of the cuisine here is Japanese but given the robots, you will be more interested in them than the food.

If underwater restaurants could be a reality then sky-dining has also gained popularity over the recent years. Canada’s Montreal based company Diner Entre Ciel et Terre makes this wild dream come true for many as it literally sweeps you from the ground and places you some 50 meters high in the sky. Using a crane to lift its diners, the experience is not only a gastronomic delight but also packed with an adrenaline rush.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited places around the world. From postcards to souvenirs, the Eiffel Tower retains a sort of permanence in the traveling and tourism culture. However little known is the fact that the second floor of the Eiffel Tower hosts a restaurant by the name Le Jules Verne. Serving some delicious French cuisine, Le Jules Verne is a unique dining experience worth spending your money on.




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