Co Van Kessel: The Best Tour of Bangkok By Bike 2021

A Bike Tour from Co Van Kessel, in Thailand’s most happening city, Bangkok is an opportunity not to be missed. The capital city of Thailand has not only got some of the best tourist attractions but is also one of the finest cities in the whole of South-East Asia to start your trip from. From aromas of Thai cuisine to colorful souvenirs dotting the local markets, Bangkok is much more than just the Grand Palace and the many temples.

While most tourists cover only the major attractions, they often forget to explore the many alleyways, the narrow river channels, the local markets, etc. To discover a more authentic side to Bangkok, Co Van Kessel, founded by the Dutch professional cyclist, Corne van Kessel provides biking tours in Thailand for an experience one of its kind.

Away from the cliché way of traveling, taking a bike tour with Co van Kessel will open up a new way of looking and touring Bangkok. Their website states how they “turn your attention to quaint local communities and charming excursions into the fascinating lifestyle and culture of real Thai people.” With plenty of tours to choose from their catalog, be all set for an experience of a lifetime.

Co Van Kessel Biking Tours
  • Co Combo-
    Co Van Kessel
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    The Co Combo biking and boat tour spans a length of 5 hours in total. With prices starting from 1850 THB, the tour starts either at 7 am in the morning or 1 pm in the afternoon. Covering around 15 km, the bike tour will take you through Bangkok’s famous Chinatown, then the canals of Bangkok, and later into a much more rustic and rural Thailand. You will also have the rare glimpse of the green plantations close to the city and will finally return to Chinatown again. Perfectly suited for groups, Co Combo is a great way to explore Bangkok.

  • Co Classical-
    Co van Kessel
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    The Co Classical Biking Tour is a popular choice among tourists and is also perfect for beginner cyclists and bikers. With a total travel time of 3 hours, this tour packs many things in one and gives you an opportunity to discover Bangkok like a local. Prices are fixed at 950 TBH and the Co Classical covers a total distance of 12 km.

    Trips usually start at either 8 am in the morning or 2 pm in the afternoon. Just like the Co Combo, Co Classical also starts from the lanes of Chinatown Passing shophouses and local temples, the Co Classical will also cross the majestic Chao Phraya River, the lifeline of the city. Bikers will also get to visit Thonburi, which comes as a pleasant contrast to the streets of Chinatown.

  • Co By Night-
    co van kessel
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    Bangkok comes alive by night with streets lighting up and food joints in their full business. While it is one thing to go biking in Bangkok during the day, it is a totally different thing to explore Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife and scenario. The tour takes place across a total time of 3 hours and covers the same route as the Co classical. However, the scenes will change drastically as Bangkok will be bursting with lights, colors, and aromas. Starting from 6 pm in the evening. The Co by Night Tour is priced at 950 THB.

  • Co All Day-
    Co Van Kessel
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    The Co All Day Biking tour is suited much more for experienced bikers as it covers a total distance of 25 km and takes around 9 hours to complete. Priced at 2300 THB, this Co All Day tour is the best option to choose if you want to explore Bangkok and its local scenario much more extensively.

So in case you are planning to visit Bangkok, be sure to take one of the trips by Co Van Kessel and dive straight into Thai culture like never before.








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