Wander through the Kangaroo Land – Australia

Australia is also known as the land Down Under, seemingly has it all, a medley of mountains, deserts, reefs, forests, beaches, and multicultural cities is an eternal draw for travelers. Remote, beautiful and friendly, the Pacific islands’ white sands and clear waters are almost dreamlike in their perfection. The best time to visit Australia all depends on where you’re going and what you want to do. One of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions is the Great Barrier Reef. While the temperatures are warm year-round, the best time to visit is in the summer or spring. While it is the wet season, the rain keeps away the large crowds that flock to the coast in the drier winter months. If you’re after picture-perfect days at the Gold Coast‘s famous beaches, plan your trip during the summer months (December to February). For wine lovers, the best time to visit Australia’s 60 wine regions is in the autumn, From April to June, you’ll be in time for the many harvest festivals.


On top of this, the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters that line its shores are home to the jaw-dropping Great Barrier Reef; one of the miracles of the natural world and one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.



Australia is known for its thunderous natural beauty and clean cities. The red continents’ most amazing places to stay integrate seamlessly into their surroundings to give the most authentic Australian experience possible. From lodges at the mouth of nationally protect gorges to hotels next to graffiti alleys, you will find a wide variety of possibilities in the stunning hotels.



As a multicultural country Australian cuisine is a blend of many different countries around the world. From the humble meat pie to freshly shucked oysters, Australia’s flourishing culinary scene is both steeped in tradition and infused with creative twists. Beyond food, you’ll find an incredible drink offering that includes big, bold red wine, hand-crafted gin and whiskey, and one-of-a-kind craft beer. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a fine dining restaurant, Australia’s food and drink scene are fit for every appetite. Wander through the Kangaroo Land - Australia 1

Aussie Cuisine


Island hop

The Whitsunday Islands offer some of the best sailing in the world, usually with great waves, calm seas, stunning scenery, and 74 islands. Bareboating is called: renting a boat, piling it with provisions and friends and sailing off into the sunset.


Start off at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart with a breakfast of fresh doughnuts and bagels then spend a few days feasting through Tasmania. There is plenty of local produce to try, with barely more than an hour’s drive between culinary towns and shops. Tasmania is renowned for its cool climate wines, and the Tamar Valley, running north from Launceston, is the premier wine region of Tasmania. Don’t miss out on the pinot noir, the famous wine variety of Tasmania, from Providence’s oldest state vineyard.

Fireworks at Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour, one of the world’s first locations to welcome the new year, has put on a spectacular display. The New Year’s Eve fireworks are not to be missed at 9 pm and midnight, with pyrotechnics from the Sydney Harbor Bridge to the Opera House, and light displays and more fireworks from barges on the harbor. Each budget has vantage points to match.

Port Lincoln

Being underwater with a great white shark (even if you are in a strengthened aluminum cage) is an adventure to tell your friends about. Calypso Star Charters and Adventure Bay Charters run one-day great white shark tours to Neptune Island, 70 kilometers (43 miles) off Port Lincoln, a 50-minute flight from Adelaide.

Melbourne Streets

In the many vibrant lanes of Melbourne’s inner city, there are hundreds of cute little bars secret, providing a perfect way to enjoy local cuisine, drinks, and people. Don’t skip a Smoky Rob Roy cocktail at the trendy, award-winning Eau de Vie on leather banquettes. Other tips include Lily Blacks, Bar Americano and Shebeen.

Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre contains the lowest natural point in Australia, and on the rare occasions that it fills, it is the largest lake in Australia, covering 9500 kilometers (5900 miles). It can attract thousands of birds – pelicans, banded stilts, silver gulls and more – and, for a month in spring, wildflowers. Even when the lake is not full, the vastness of this park, the whiteness of the salt lake and the surrounding low red dunes of the desert seen from a scenic flight give you a true sense of the outback.


Canberra is renowned among international balloonists as one of the best places to balloon, with calm conditions, green scenery and the view of Lake Burley Griffin mixed with interesting architecture, monuments, and sculptures, as well as multiple take-off and landing areas.


One of the best ways to see the Kimberley – one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth – is by cruise ship, and there are lots of options. You’ll get up close to the rocky shores, secluded beaches, ochre-colored gorges, lush waterfalls, and complex river systems as you enjoy gourmet meals and luxury sleeping quarters.


In this unforgettable, intimate dining experience overlooking Uluru and Kata Tjuta’s distant domes, you’ll watch the sunset to a didgeridoo’s rhythm, sit on top of a dune to enjoy a tasting feast under the many stars (when you hear more about them), then listen to the campfire’s Dreamtime tales. Tali Wiru) works four days a week, with hotel transfers from April to mid-October.

The country has a beauty and diversity unlike anywhere else—there’s the cool coastal city of Sydney, the street-art-saturated hub of Melbourne, and all the gorgeous environments in between. From the otherworldly landscapes to the animals to the scuba diving spots…and don’t even get me started on the food—Australia definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list.

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