City of Gold- Dubai

Dubai is unlike anywhere else on the planet. With its bold architecture and audacious style, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city is a distinct fusion of its Bedouin heritage and an ultramodern style all its own.

Dubai is HOT! During the “winter months”, which correlate to ours, the temperatures are cooler with highs in the 80s to lows in the 60s. This is from November to March. Based on these temperatures, this is the tourist season in Dubai.


Dubai is building new hotels and modifying its skyline at a record pace as a result of its fast urban development. From some best luxury resorts in the world to traditional Arabian guest houses, we help you to cut through the noise and choose the best accommodation for where to stay in Dubai.

Exterior and Interior view
Exterior and Interior view


Planning a trip to Dubai and wondering what is on the platter for you? Well, worry not! With a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, the Dubai cuisine will only leave you craving for more. Head to the streets or restaurants, you surely in for a delightful experience.

Traditional dishes


Traditional dishes


As its already mentioned, Dubai experiences hot and sultry weather for most of the year. That is why it is recommended to pack lightly for December as well. You can pack half sleeve t-shirts, shorts, cotton shirts, and sandals to explore more comfortably. However, you need to keep in mind that Dubai has some restrictions on the dress code. You cannot wear bikinis and undercut crops. That is why you must carry long dresses, tops, shirts, t-shirts, pants, hoodies, sweaters, and jeans.

For women, you need to make sure that your clothes are not too tight, are see-through and do not reveal too much of your skin to the outside. Make sure to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to keep the direct sun rays off your skin.


Dubai is an example of what hard work and dedication can do to a city. It has come a long way from being a port to one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. You can witness the numerous places to visit on your next trip.

In and Around


Walk, run, shop, relax, read, chit-chat, sail, drink, repeat. That is the perfect motto of anyone traveling to Dubai. From kids to youngsters, the city of Dubai never fails to amaze people from ay age group. Dubai welcomes you with something more than it has.

  1. Visit Burj Khalifa

Visiting the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai is one of the best things to do. World’s tallest building, an architectural wonder is a stunning work of art and has an incomparable feat of engineering. In concept and execution, Burj Khalifa has no peer.

      2. Visit Dubai Frame


Known amongst one of the tallest buildings in the world, Dubai Frame is quite literally a picture frame that has been visited by millions of people since its opening in January 2018. Situated at a height of 150 meters, it offers beautiful views of the magnificent old and new Dubai, the glimmering water of the Gulf, and the shimmer of the sands.

3. Go for Hot Air Ballooning


Soar over the spectacular Dubai desert away from all the glamour and glitz of the city and take a peaceful and relaxing ride in a hot air balloon while you can marvel at various attractions of the Dubai deserts. Each basket holds a maximum of 24 people and there’s plenty of room for you to sightsee comfortably as you soar up and away.

4. Enjoy Scuba Diving


In Dubai Scuba Diving in Dubai is monopolized by one of the best diving schools, Deep Blue Sea Diving. There’s no doubt the best way to get to know our 65,000 marine animals is to scuba dive with them. There’s a dive for everyone at Atlantis. The difficulty level for scuba diving is moderate and depends on the course availed.  The scuba guides are plenty of informed and helpful.



Burj Al Arab is what Dubai is known for now. Amongst one of the top five super-luxury hotels in the world, the Burj alone allures hordes of people to Dubai. This 321 meters tall icon is built on its island and is the exclusive property, offering the best of experience to its guests like Rolls Royce & helicopters for their transfers, Michelin star restaurants, gold studded rooms, etc.

6. Ziplining at Dubai Marina


Imagine having a bird’s eye view of the magnificent skyline of Dubai. The XLine Dubai Marina Zipline is the world’s longest urban zip line that lets you see the Dubai Marina beachfront, snazzy high rises, and the vast expanses of the city cruising at a speed of 80 kmph.

7. Enjoy with Dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium


The breathtaking rush of simulated flying experience at Ifly stays with you for a lifetime.  Here, you not only indulge in gravity-defying stunts but also are spoiled for choice when it comes to the range of mind-boggling things that can be done here. Explore the VR Skydive that gives you the thrill of skydiving from some of the most beautiful locations from around the world. Other attractions include Yalla! Bowling, Sky Trail Climbing Wall, etc. This is definitely amongst the top adventure things to do in Dubai.

Dubai is a city of contrasts- from the tranquility of the desert to the hustle of the city, there is so much to see and do! These are the best things to do in Dubai which one can’t miss. Dubai is an amazing destination for all age groups. The glistening desert and sky full of sunshine look pleasant. Enjoy sightseeing on your vacation plan a wonderful vacation in Dubai.

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