10 best Turkish dishes that don’t fail to give you a Foodgasm!

Turkish dishes are a blend of cross-continental cultures and traditions. Turkey food is much known to invoke the true foodie in travelers!

Ottoman civilization has had a great influence on Turkish food, but nature has also played a significant part. The ideal road and river links connecting the country to the rest of the world aided in the importation of unique ingredients from all over the world.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Turkish dishes that will make you want to lick your plate clean!

Top 10 lip-smacking Turkish Dishes!

1. Simit – Turkish Pretzel 
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Simit, an authentic breakfast recipe that is often served with tea in the morning. These can be found all across the country, in bakeries, cafes, metros, and even street vendors with baskets or carts. It’s one of the most affordable but distinctive Turkish street foods. Enjoy it simple or with preserves such as jam or Nutella. In other parts of the world, these are known as Turkish bagels. Truly, it is one of the best Turkish dishes to savor upon.

2. Turkish Apple Tea – A One-of-a-Kind Concoction
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There is something essentially soothing about Turkey- tea. The country is therefore seen brewing Tea at every nook and corner. A particular Apple tea, on the other hand, has a distinct flavor that will excite your taste buds to new heights. Any time of day is a good opportunity to try this tasty appetizer.

3. Ezogelin Soup – Zesty Tomato Soup
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Every food has a story to tell. And this Turkish delicacy has a unique flavor. She made a spicy soup with red lentils, hot tomato paste, grated onions, and tomatoes, topped with dried mint and chili flakes. This emotional delicacy is still a favorite of brides-to-be from Gaziantep’s rural villages. If nothing else, it will impress your taste senses!

4. Menemen – Veggie Shakshouka
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Menemen, which is akin to shakshouka in Turkish cuisine, is a traditional breakfast option. It’s created with eggs and a variety of vegetables that have been seared in olive oil and mildly flavored with black and red pepper. This egg delicacy is the ideal way to start the day, plated and served with a slice of toast. Indeed, this is one of the best Turkish dishes to try your hands on!

5. Gözleme – Turkish Crepe
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It is perhaps one of the simplest Turkish dishes to prepare and a must-eat food in Turkey. These are skillfully produced by rolling out the paper-thin dough, stuffing it with minced beef or spinach and a generous layer of salty cheese, then sealing it before crisping it on a super-hot griddle. It’s a delicious Turkish delicacy with a fluffy center.

6. Mantı – Turkish Ravioli
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Imagine Ravioli without the Pasta! These one-third-size dough balls are filled with beef or minced lamb, sealed, and cooked in hot water, then topped with garlic yogurt and chile flakes. Handmade or handcrafted versions of this wonderfully accomplished cuisine in Turkey are preferable to vacuum-packed or dried store-bought versions.

7. Kumpir (Potato Baked)
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This Turkish street snack is an unusual take on a potato piece, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, packed with butter and kasar cheese. Sweet corns, ketchup, yogurt, pickles, and sausages, to name a few, are among the toppings available to complete your Kumpir. It most certainly is.

8. Köfte – Turkish Meatballs
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It is one of the best Turkish dishes and a well-known Ottawan delicacy, consisting of a variety of meats and vegetables. Koftes are meatballs that are created by hand before being fried. To give these bite-sized balls a zesty flavor, serve them with a hot red pepper sauce.

9. Perde Pilav – An assortment of dough
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A buttery pastry stuffed with rice, almonds, pine nuts, currants, and chicken is known as Perde Pilav (optional). This rice-based dish is baked in the oven and served hot, seasoned with salt, oregano, and pepper. One of Turkey’s tastiest delicacies is also considered auspicious for a family with a new home and is commonly found at weddings and get-togethers.

10. Baklava – Turkish Pasteries
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Baklava is a type of Turkish pastry. Turkish sweets are delectable! Turks are sweet-toothed people that know how to have fun with their sugar! Baklava is one such delicacy, a delectable dish that never fails to impress with its flavor and consistency. Paper-thin sheets of buttery pastry are layered and decorated with ground pistachios, all kept together by the rich richness of sugar or honey syrup. It’s a classic dessert that’s also a traditional Turkish dish. Isn’t this sounding like stupendous Turkey food already?!

Are you ready to dive right into these scrumptious Turkish dishes?!


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