The Maldives -Top 3 Island Hopping Tours

The Maldives is famous for its incredible blue sea, coral reefs that are truly the dream of every diver, white sand beaches, and luxurious private island resorts!

Why would you stick to one when there are so many options on offer? From brightly lit buildings to luxury resorts and bio illuminizing regions, there’s plenty to do on these islands to keep you hooked! Go hopping on the island in the Maldives and get the best of those islands! Island hopping in a country, consisting of 1,192 coral islands and countless lagoons, conjures up images of a dream destination – which indeed it is!

Just about 200 of the 1,200 islands that make up the Maldives are populated by locals. The others are private islands with their own world-class resorts including water villas and other luxury amenities. It is recommended that you fly across public islands to understand the lives of Maldivians and sample their local cuisine. Choose from several islands hopping tours across the country for a real taste of Maldives.


1. South Male Local Island Hopping Tour

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This full-day South Male Atoll island-hopping tour takes you to two local Gulhi and Maafushi islands. The South Male Local Island Hopping Tour operates on all days from 10 AM until 4:30 PM. Participants are selected from the Hulhumale Main Jetty and taken on a public ferry ride to Maafushi, one of the local tourism pioneers. Stretching just 2 km in length, this tiny island, with its multiple hotels and guest houses, has made ‘guesthouse tourism’ flourish in The Maldives.
There are plenty of souvenir shops selling collectibles, refrigerator magnets, handmade purses, coconut shell artifacts, and other local handicrafts – useful for those who love shopping in the window. In the afternoon you’ll be ferried to nearby Gulhi Island, where the tour guide will introduce you to the village’s simple lifestyle. Until exploring Gulhi on foot, you can enjoy some tropical lunch in a beachside café.
While walking through the peaceful streets of this rustic island, you can also visit the yard of the boat building for some insights into the house.

Snorkeling masks are included in this Maldives island hopping tour price. Non-swimmers can also take the help of buoyancy aids. A whole new world of colorful corals and fish can be spotted, especially with the help of the spotter who will also be your snorkeling guide!

2. North Male Local Island Hopping Tour

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North Male Atoll is a region that has a rare phenomenon – freshwater lakes in the middle of a sea of salt water. On an island-hopping trip through this atoll, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about some of the islands’ fragile mangrove ecosystem and how they’re essential to maintaining the Maldives’ ecological balance.

The first stop on the island is Himmafushi, that you can explore at your own pace. Shopaholics on this local island will have a chance to buy locally crafted souvenirs from various souvenir shops. Catch the speedboat for the next stop- Huraa after ambling about the white sand beaches. Due to its mangroves, Huraa Island also offers a rare prospect of having a freshwater lake. Satiate your curiosity by asking the tour guide all your questions about the mangrove ecosystem. Mangrove swamps need protection because they are fragile but they support native flora and fauna.

You are taken back to Hulhumale Island as the day wears off, but not before you get a chance to snorkel! Engage in the free snorkeling gear and fins and discover some fun coral reefs, dolphins, tortoises, sharks, and a multitude of school fish. Even the remainder of the speedboat trip is thrilling as the pacing and path provide dolphin spotting changes along the way.

3. North Ari Atoll Island Hopping Tour

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The Local Island Hopping Tour of the 7-Day North Male Atoll includes two fascinating islands, namely Dhiffushi and Thulusdhoo. Travelers get a peek into the religion, culture, and economic facets of these local communities with plenty of opportunities to see local lives up close, mosque visits, school visits, and trips to the local boatyard. On the same lines, the eight-day and 7-night North Ari Atoll Island Hopping Tour offers a delightful glimpse into the public islands of Rasdhoo, Ukulhas, and Mathiveri. Upon arrival at Hulhule Island’s Velana International Airport, you will be moved to the nearby public island of Hulhule where you can rest for the night and spend some time exploring the local beach.

These 7 day covers-  Rasdhoo Island where, you visit a mosque, connect with the children of the village, and watch the women cooking their Maldivian dinners. Then you explore the house reef of Rasdhoo and can also take snorkeling excursions to nearby reefs. Later in the day, go on a sunset kayaking tour to a sandbank closeby, from where to watch the sun go down completely. Ukulhas Island has been the harbinger of environmentally conscious practices in fishing. Matthew– the very little public island is ideal for walking exploration. Learn from the guide about its cultural ethos and, later, enjoy a sunset dolphin cruise. You can also take a ride to the uninhabited island nearby-Mathiveri Finolhu.


In addition to the above-mentioned island hopping tours, there are many tailor-made tours in the Maldives, catering to various tastes and travel needs. Choose from a variety of day tours, from simple guesthouses to hotels in The Maldives to liveaboards.

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