10 Astonishing Facts About Empress Of The Seas, Cordelia Cruises!

The Cordelia Cruise experience on the  ‘Empress of the Seas’ is heavenly and worth spending every penny for. With mind-boggling cruise experiences which are amalgamated with comfort and luxury, travelers can never get enough of the same. With delectable cuisines, amazing service, commendable activities, stupendous sources of entertainment and so forth, the Cordelia cruise is truly paradise on earth. Cordelia Cruises offer myriad traveling offers, for children, adults, couples, families and even solo travelers. They provide you with budget-friendly yet exclusive packages that indeed becomes a choice worthy of at least an iota of thought. However, before you actually haste into it, consider these following things about the Cordelia Cruises. These astonishing facts are sure to render some momentum to your thought-process.

Given here are some facts about Empress of the Seas at Cordelia Cruises that will surely blow your mind away! After all, extra knowledge is never a curse; giving you a chance therefore, to know it all.

1. The Empress by Cordelia Cruises is a magnanimous vessel that first set sail in the year 1990 with the name ‘The Nordic Empress’. The ship was initially ordered by Admiral Cruises and later incorporated into the Royal Caribbean fleet.

2. After sailing the Bahamas and the Caribbean, The Empress will be cruising the West and the East Coast of INDIA under the Indian Cruise Liner, Cordelia Cruises by Waterways Tourism Pvt Ltd.

3. Cordelia offers onshore destinations and excursions across Indian port cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Mormugoa, Vizag, Lakshadweep and international destinations such as Sri Lanka with new destinations being added.

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4. The major sailings of Cordelia cruises are Mumbai to Goa cruise, Mumbai to Lakshadweep cruise, Mumbai to Diu cruise, Chennai to Galle Cordelia cruise and Chennai Trincomalee Cruise. However, its Mumbai to Goa cruise is the most popular.

5. The 70,285-ton, 14 deck ship can carry up to 2,000 passengers and has a total of 837 cabins; nestled in 36 mini suites, 162 balcony rooms, 430 ocean view rooms and 209 interior rooms. There are also special cabins and facilities for senior citizens and differently abled passengers on the Empress cruise.

6. Once on board, the ship assures you a gamut of warm greetings, stupendous hospitality, homely cuisines and what not. Furthermore, there’s no end to the offerings that cater to your national and international needs.

7. Empress cruise ensures a stay imbued with fun, frolic and full-on entertainment. Right from Broadway musicals, to dancing, DJ nights, casino and so forth. Swimming and casino are other recreational spaces for you. Travelers are often seen dancing to the tunes of their favorite songs on DJ nights.

Cordelia Cruise Packages
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8. Delectable cuisines are served throughout your stay at the Empress Cruise. Furthermore, they flaunt three (3) fine dining restaurants, which include Indian Cuisine at Waterfront and Chef’s Table and Thai, Malay, Korean, Mongolian, Taiwanese and Japanese Cuisines at Chopstix. It also hosts eleven different buffet and food stations offering a wide range of delicious food items ranging from street food (famous Indian pav bhaji, pani puri etc), barbecue, international grill to patisserie and frozen desserts. The ship also has separate cuisine and eating spaces for Jain guests. The restaurants for the Jain cult are- Essence of India, The Far Eastern Kadhai, Kettle & Bun, Jain Haven, Vegetarian Bang, Sugar & Spice, The International Grill, Hot Clay Tandoor, The Café, Frozen and Street Food at Empress of the Seas.

9. Cordelia Cruises are also much acclaimed for their therapeutic spaces on board. . Theon board Spa offers a myriad collection of aromatic and natural techniques for relaxation. A state-of-the-art fitness studio and multi-purpose salon facilities are also available to guests.

10. Cordelia cruises are also open for serving as venue for hosting big weddings, corporate events and more.

Well, we hope to have provided you with certain handy and fascinating facts about the Empress cruise at Cordelia Cruises. It’s your turn to check out the same, and know more!

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