Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh: Top 9 Reasons To Visit This ‘Heaven On Earth’ Asap!

Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh is truly a piece of heaven on earth! Now, while one is pondering over adventure treks in Arunachal Pradesh, its rare when one lands on Mechuka as a place to spend holidays in. However, briefing you about rare and chimerical places is all we do, furthering a must-visit! The Mechuka view is mindbogglingly picturesque and something offbeat travellers can totally relate with! Well, well, hold your breaths for this place in Arunachal Pradesh is sure to excite you, rejuvenate your soul, and truly give you the vacation you’ve always wanted!

Adventure trek in Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh

Given below are gallivanting reasons as to why you should visit Mechuka in winter of 2020~

1. To Cross The Many Hanging Bridges And Experience Ecstasy
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Thanks to the Yargyapchu river that gives us so many hanging bridges to loiter on! Crossing the bridges on the way to Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh is inevitable and a total fun! The valley looks a lot more beautiful when viewed through the hanging bridges!

2. To Find Out How Different Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh Is From The Rest Of The Nation
mechuka in winter
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The Mechuka view is sure to blow your minds off, rather in an astonishing manner! You are totally gonna love how horses walk beside you on roads, just like your stray animals back home. The sight speaks for itself, indeed. How beautiful it is, isn’t it? The thought of beautiful, elegant ponies bring a lot of hope and desperation in mind; does it not do the same to you?!

3. To Witness The Vibrant Architectural Houses And Accommodations
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The lush green town is the show’s topper of every adventure trek in Arunachal Pradesh! Well, here’s why! The fact that houses here have been constructed using wood entirely and no bricks and cement is fascinating! Even more, renders a truly picturesque sight, the one you see in picture books, fairy tales and visualize only in dreams.

4. To Experience The Tibetan Culture
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As you come across gompas and Chubas, the traditional ensemble of the Tibetans in here, you immediately fall in love with the place. Moreover, Wednesdays are your go-to days here, when the townsfolk dress up in their traditional Tibetan attires! The overpowering Tibetan cultural influence is both overpowering and overwhelming.

5. To Be Part Of Memba Tribe
mechuka view
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Not only do you feel at home with the Memba tribe here, but also love every bit of your stay with the same. Rest here, while you receive hospitality at its best. Also, learn the art of momo making from them. After all, Mechuka in winters is all about cozy stays with the Memba tribe, or perhaps, long, amazing walks!

6. To Taste The Famous Butter Ghee Tea
mechuka view
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The locals of this town churn their own butter using Yak’s milk. Thus, the butter/ ghee tea is the most famous and astonishing thing to try here. Trust us dear Chaisexuals, you’ll love this innovation into your favorite- Chai!

7. To Relish In The Taste Of The Millet Beer
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The Memba Tribe simply be the best. Well, apart from the stupendous Mechuka view, you’ll surely be interested in the local beer brewed by the locals. Millet is the only crop that thrives in the cold, harsh climate of this place and thus, becomes the ingredient worth brewing beer with! Planning on visiting Mechuka in winters? You gotta try this alcoholic beverage then, for sure!

8. To Enjoy River Side Views
river side
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This picturesque town is surely your go-to place when planning on to enjoying some river side views and a picnic for that matter. The river, Yargyap Chu is totally your reason to visit Mechuka in winter of 2020. They serve the roasting, ‘the live picnic’ here, by the river side. Chicken is roasted, along with the cooking of other meals!

Like we said in the very beginning, it’s hard to believe, yet, Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh is indeed a piece of Heaven on Earth! It is everything you’d want in your adventure trek to Arunachal Pradesh. The picturesque view totally charms you and lures you into coming again every time!


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