Places To Visit in Goa in Three Days- 2021 Goa Trip Plan!

Places to visit in Goa are so many, each of them being worthy of a thousand visits. The challenge is to see all those places in a limited time frame. From picturesque beaches to popular nightlife and ultra-cool people, this Indian state is a total mood. What can be a better way to relish a weekend, especially to wash away pandemic blues?!

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Collect your gang and head to some of these amazing places in Goa that just need you to spare a total of three days, only!

Places to visit in Goa in 3 days

You can choose to bask in the sun on white sandy beaches or take a stroll by the sea and enjoy soothing sunsets. This sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? No wonder Goa is one of the most popular places in India among the youth. Let’s take a quick look at places that can be easily explored within three days. Scroll through, know more!

1. Baga Beach

Baga is widely regarded as the epicenter of beach hopping in North Goa. Goa’s beautiful beach is a mecca for adventure sports. It’s lined with eateries and provides plenty of opportunities to relax in the sun. Baga, on the other hand, morphs into a beach party hub after sundown. Its popularity is boosted by iconic shacks like Britto’s, making it one of the greatest spots to see in Goa on a three-day trip.

Activities: Banana ride, Motorboat ride, Water skiing, Jetskiing, Scuba diving, Dolphin trip, Windsurfing, Water scooter.

2. Fort Aguada

The renowned Fort Aguada offers magnificent views of the Arabian Sea thanks to its breathtaking location at the entrance of the River Mandovi. This huge building dates back to 1612 and is considered the most majestic of Goa’s forts. The fort now features an old lighthouse as well as several prison cells that draw tourists and history buffs alike. This fort also has a secret passageway, which adds to its allure.

3. Anjuna Beach

With its white-sand beaches, a plethora of water sports, and vibrant nightlife, Anjuna exemplifies the classic Goan spirit. Another aspect contributing to the beach’s appeal is the weekly flea market hosted here every Wednesday. While you’re here, pay a visit to the Curlies Shack, which is famed for its delectable food, live music, and enchanting environment. This is truly one of the best places to visit in Goa in three days.

Activities: Parasailing, Scuba diving, Water scooter, Snorkeling, Dolphin Sighting, Windsurfing, Water skiing, Banana ride.

4. Deltin Royale

After a day of exploring beaches and forts, treat yourself to a night at Deltin Royale. This establishment is a superb blend of luxury and entertainment, and it is one of Goa’s largest floating casinos. It covers 40,000 square feet and has over 850 gaming locations to keep gamers interested at all times. This casino’s many highlights include a dedicated poker area, a luxury whiskey lounge, and gourmet cuisine.

5. Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a majestic structure steeped in history that has defined Goa’s landscape for more than four centuries. The church, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is built in the Portuguese style of architecture. The interiors of this church are richly adorned, despite the fact that the exteriors are unplastered. The mummified body of St. Francis Xavier, which is brought out for public sight every ten years, is the church’s main attraction.

6. Se Cathedral

The beauty of Portuguese-Manueline architecture may be seen at Se Cathedral. This chapel, dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria, is one of Goa’s most visited World Heritage Sites. The tower bell of this 250-foot-high church is a feature. The Golden Bell, also known as the Golden Bell, is the largest in Goa and has a deep tone.

7. Houses of Goa Museum

The Houses of Goa Museum, unlike the other museums in Goa, takes you on a tour of the region’s architectural landscape and history. This multi-level museum beautifully illustrates the progression of dwellings in Goa, from the distinctive Balcaos lining the streets of ancient Goa to modern-day edifices. The most intriguing aspect of this museum is that it is built in the shape of a ship and stands in the midst of the road. This is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Goa in three days.

8. Mapusa Market

Mapusa Market is your best bet if you want to enjoy the delight of shopping in a typical Goan market. Fridays are the finest days to visit the market, which sells practically everything from fruits, nuts, spices, and vegetables to clothing, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Don’t forget to pick up some of Goa’s famed ‘chourico’ sausages, which are a popular item at this market.

9. Colva Beach

Colva beach has powder white sand, blue water, and coconut palms, giving it a picturesque appearance. This beach will not disappoint you whether you are looking for thrilling things to do in South Goa or just want to relax in the sun. Another draw of this beach is its bustling nightlife.

All the above-mentioned places are some of the best places to visit in Goa in three days. Which ones are your favorite? Tell us in the comments down below to plan your trip to Goa with us



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