10 Mouth-Watering Street Food Items In Sikkim That Are A Must-Try!

Sikkim as any other North-Eastern state is a perfect place for foodies out there! Sikkim street food is worth devouring upon. It’s truly a perfect blend of cuisines from Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal, and indeed a  perfect combination of taste and nutrition. Well, to be honest, both Sikkim food and its culture is worth living and waiting for! From the scenic beauty that draws you into the web of its charm to the sumptuous food, and especially its street food that compels you to stay, is fascinating!

Let’s check out the best dishes of all times!!

List Of Fascinating Sikkim Street Food Items

Exploring the layers of exquisite flavors in the exotic land of Sikkim, one comes across a lot of memories in dishes to abide by! Rice, meat, stews, vegetables, soups, dumplings and a lot more, are all you’d find as a part of Sikkim food and culture, everything to die for!! Below given are some exclusive dishes that are a must try in Sikkim, and shouldn’t be missed out on therefore~

1. Gundruk Soup
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Here’s something that’s surely a must try in Sikkim during the biting-frost wintry days. Gundruk soup is a hot and spicy vegetable soup that is made with fermented vegetables- tomatoes, onions, and garlic. It might not appear as appeasing as it is to taste but do not judge by its cover (here, its look), we repeat: do not!

2. Sael Roti
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It’s similar to a pretzel, only that it is deep fried, is soft, and made from fermented rice batter. They are crusty, crispy, kinda donuts-shaped and often eaten during a festivity or celebration. Indeed a Sikkim street food worth trying!!

3. Momos
must try in sikkim
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What is even eating in Sikkim, if haven’t devoured upon momos as the best Sikkim street food item?! These Tibetan dumplings are found in almost all the cafes and restaurants in here. You find all sorts of momos here- deep fried, steamed, filled with vegetables, meat, paneer or cheese. The spicy sauce that’s served with the same compliments it like no other!

4. Dal Bhaat
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This witty combination of boiled/steamed rice and lentil soup is a must try in Sikkim. This simple yet delicious combo is popularly eaten in Nepal, Bangladesh and parts of India and is something that you’ve already tried at home. However, what makes it a delight here, as part of Sikkim food and culture is the difference in flavors and thus taste, making it finger-licking and absolutely lovable! It is simple, light and a perfect choice for travelers who want to look out for a proper diet!

5. Thukpa
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Another of the popularly eaten Sikkimese dish that’s made of egg noodles, meat broth, vegetables and spices. Isn’t all of this everything that’s needed of a perfect Sikkim street food?! Well, YES!! The dish originates from Tibet and is also called Gya-thuk.

6. Phagshapa
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Phagshapa is a delightful Sikkim street food which is also a treat to the non-vegetarians. The dish mainly contains pork fat that is amalgamated with radishes and red chillies. Phagshapa is a must try in Sikkim as its entire preparation has no oil but only vegetables and protein. This truly makes it a healthy dish and indeed worth relishing upon!

7. Sha Phaley
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It’s like our North-Indian samosa with a Sikkimese filling to it. Whole wheat bread, folded into cones or semi-circles are deep-fried, containing fillings of ground beef, cabbage and spices. The dish is being modified for vegetarians by using paneer or tofu for that matter.

8. Chang
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Try out this amazing locally-made alcohol that’s cheap and indeed the best when sipped in with the help of a bamboo pipe. Chang is the fermented form of Millet and yeast which helps in fermentation process. It’s truly worth-trying, as part of Sikkim street food and culture!

9. Thenthuk
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Part of the sumptuous Sikkim street food delicacies, Thenthuk is a soup prepared using vegetables, wheat flour and meat or mutton. It is one of the best Tibetan food in Sikkim. People usually like to have it in dinner and often a bit chilly.Vegetarians can always go for this soup minus the meat or mutton.

10. Masauyra Curry
must try in sikkim
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It’s a Nepali cuisine that’s also a must try in Sikkim. The main ingredient that takes to make the curry is the fermented black gram along with some spices in the right amount. This combination is what makes it the most favorite in here.

P.s, the Masaurya curry is best served with rice.

Here Fellas, try out these super-amazing Sikkim street food items that are popularly eaten and found in all the local markets, cafes and restaurants in here! Trust us, disappointment is not a word you’d even like to carry to this stupendous state!!

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