Top 10 Beaches in Goa to explore this summer!

Top 10 Beaches In Goa

Shacks, sea, and palm trees perhaps best describe the beaches in Goa. A tourist hotspot throughout the year, the beaches in Goa have a charm of their own. From Querim beach in the north to Palolem beach in the south, the list is plenty and exhausting. Whether you are someone looking to enjoy water sports or in the mood to just sit by the sea and listen to some peaceful music, Goa has a beach for everyone. Here are the top 10 beaches in Goa-

1. Baga Beach 
Baga-Beach-Beache in Goa
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Goa makes the top of our list in the must-visit beaches in Goa. Whether it is your first visit to this Konkani state or a much-awaited trip with your friends, you cannot come to Goa and not go to Baga Beach. From innumerable shacks lining the beach to tourists basking under the sun, Baga Beach has plenty to offer. Travelers throng the beach day and night with parties going on till late hours.

This not-so-secret beach in North Goa gives out the perfect Goa vibe for every fellow tourist and traveler. Be it munching on a lavish seafood platter from Brittos or a quick stroll during the sunset, Baga Beach, Goa never disappoints.

2. Querim Beach
Among the beaches in Goa, Querim beach is one of the best.
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Locally known as Keri Beach, Querim beach lies in the northernmost part of Goa. Easily making its place in the top 10 beaches in Goa, Querim beach has an allure to it that draws travelers from all around the world. With the majestic Fort Tiracol lying beside the beach and some gorgeous views of the sunset, Querim beach in Goa can satisfy the wanderlust of every traveler.

What’s more is that due to its isolated location, Querim beach offers some of the most stunning views of the Arabian Sea and also provides a peek into the local life and culture.


3.  Anjuna Beach-
Anjuna-Beaches-In Goa
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How many times have you dreamt of packing your bag and leaving your home for good just to become a wanderer? A hippy paradise, Anjuna beach, Goa has attained a cult status in Goa’s travel map. With rocky beaches and huge waves hitting the rocks, Anjuna beach continues to draw tourists in large numbers.

Moreover, shacks lining the shore offer some of the best sea and finger food for guests to sit by and enjoy. Anjuna Beach also hosts a flea market every Wednesday, making it all the more popular among the beaches in Goa.


4. Galgibaga Beach-
Turtles in one of the Beaches in Goa
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While North Goa has been much frequented by tourists, South Goa is known for its pristine landscape and clean beaches. Galgibaga beach in South Goa is one such place that falls under the must-visit beaches in Goa. One of the cleanest beaches in Goa, Galgibaga is a secret yet to be found by many.

With gentles waves lapping across your feet and coconut trees lining the background, Galgibaga Beach can easily become the highlight of your Goa trip. Moreover, the beach is also famous for being a nesting ground for Olive Ridley Turtles. So in case you visit Galgibaga beach during the nesting season, be prepared to meet your new friends.


5. Butterfly Beach-

A relatively lesser-known beach, Butterfly Beach in Goa is a hidden wonder. Not so easily accessible, one has to take a boat from Agonda Beach to reach Butterfly Beach. Enclosed by hills that are shaped like a butterfly, reaching this mini paradise can make you feel straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Day trips to Butterfly beaches are often accompanied by a scuba diving or snorkeling session since the aquatic life is known to be immensely rich here. You can also take your picnic baskets to the beach and enjoy a quiet day under the sun, taking in the pleasant views of the sea.


6. Cola Beach-
Cola_Beach_Best Beaches In Goa
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When we talk about the top 10 beaches in Goa, Cola Beach cannot ever be missed. Not just any other beautiful beach, Cola beach is a gem among all other beaches in Goa. It has a lagoon on the beach with coconut and palm trees surrounding it. With the beach offering views of both the Arabian Sea and the lagoon, Cola beach continues to attract tourists and travelers, who are looking for a way to escape the hustle-bustle of daily life.


7. Benaulim Beach-
Benaulim_Beaches in Goa
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If you are visiting Goa with your family, you may want to look out for a place that is perfectly suited for such occasions. Benaulim Beach, Goa may come to your rescue since this beach not only offers worthwhile views of the sea but is also family-friendly and free from the quintessential party crowd of Goa.

Among the best beaches in Goa, Benaulim Beach may surprise you at every turn as you soak in the pleasant views of the landscape. There are also plenty of water sport activities to keep you busy and good quality restaurants for the foodie in you. In the end, you will only return with the memories of quality time spent with your family on the sandy shores of Benaulim.


8. Palolem Beach-
Palolem_Beaches in Goa
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Several years back, Palolem Beach was quite a little-known place among tourists. The distance from tourist hotspots like Baga and Calangute Beach also kept this beach relatively unknown. However, suffice to say, Palolem Beach in Goa has burst into the scene and is the new heaven for travelers in South Goa.

With plenty of beachside shacks, temporary wooden cottages, Palolem has charmed into every traveler’s heart. Offering both relaxing and party vibes, Palolem beach surely makes it to the list of our top 10 beaches in Goa.


9. Arambol Beach-
Arambol_Best Beaches In Goa
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What if we told that you can have a taste of Russia among the beaches of Goa? Arambol beach in Goa is most frequented by Russians and even the locals on the beach have acquired the language.

A beautiful beach stretching across a few kilometers, Arambol beach offers a much more relaxed vibe compared to the other northern beaches. The beach is also famous for its yoga classes and rejuvenating spa messages offered by trainers roaming on the shores. One can also find a hidden sweet water lake that is accessible by a rocky path.


10. Calangute Beach-
Calangute_Best Beaches in Goa
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Last but not the least, Calangute beach in Goa, often called the Queen of Beaches, makes it place among the top 10 beaches in Goa. With easy access to other beaches and tourist attractions, Calangute beach is quite popular among tourists and locals alike. With markets selling souvenirs to bring home or restaurants offering the catch of the day, Calangute beach has it all. In fact, if there is one place travelers need to visit to experience Goa in all its glory, it is Calangute Beach.







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