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Experience the epitome of pleasure and luxury with the Costa Cruise India Packages, meticulously designed for discerning travelers seeking the ultimate sea adventure. This extraordinary cruise takes you on a journey through multiple captivating destinations in India, treating passengers to breathtaking surroundings, exquisite cuisine and beverages, and an abundance of entertainment options.

The Costa Cruise India offers a range of tour packages, spanning from two to seven days, catering to your comfort preferences and interests. Cruising along the western and south-western Indian coasts, you have the opportunity to travel from Mumbai to Cochin and Goa. Additionally, you can extend your voyage beyond domestic destinations and venture to Lakshadweep in India.

Through Triplou’s Costa Cruise India tour packages, you can select the finest accommodations that feature stunning views. Choose from Balcony Cabins with private terraces for a remarkable experience or indulge in luxurious stays at suites with round-the-clock personal butler service. Alongside comfortable rooms, you will relish delectable meals at the ship’s restaurants and have access to a wide array of wellness and entertainment offerings.

To ensure the utmost satisfaction during your on-sea adventures, book your Costa Cruise from India at the most competitive prices and take advantage of the best offers available.

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Costa Serena embodies a fusion of elegance and refinement. Picture expansive panoramic decks dedicated to renowned constellations, showcasing sophisticated design. Every nook and cranny is a visual delight that instantly immerses you in a state of amusement! And guess what? The ultimate relaxation awaits you. Simply indulge in our spa facilities or luxuriate in one of the outdoor whirlpools, followed by savoring a glass of wine in our exquisite wine bar. But that’s not all! Prepare to be enthralled by our theater, lounge bars, swimming pools, game rooms, and casino… The array of options is endless! And when it comes to dining, embark on a true gastronomic journey with a diverse range of restaurants offering both Italian and international cuisine.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure and prepare to have more fun than ever before!

Costa Serena Cruise Highlights

  • Tonnage: 114,500 tonnes
  • No. of decks: 17 Decks
  • Guest Capacity: 3,780 guests
  • No. of Bars: 13
  • No. of Restaurants: 5
  • No. of Cabins: 1,504

Choose from a variety of wondrous destinations on offer by Costa Cruises. Let loose on a sea-bound weekend off the shores of Mumbai or visit Goa. Sail towards Goa or Kochi for a culturally enlightening cruise holiday, or explore the spectacular Lakshadweep Islands. Triplou offers the best Costa Cruise India tour packages, starting at just INR 25,999 per person, ensuring you have an amazing time. Whether you’re looking to plan a big family trip, a girls trip, a romantic holiday for two, or a company offsite, Triplou’s travel experts highly recommend Costa Cruise India for your next adventure.

No matter what type of holiday you’re planning, a cruise vacation is sure to offer a unique travel experience unlike any other. This is how the world was explored and new places discovered, and now you can sample this feeling as you roam aboard the magnificent Empress. With Triplou’s amazing Costa Cruise tour packages, you can have this unforgettable experience as often as you like. Cruises are available throughout the year to select destinations based on climate and seasonal possibilities, so whenever you’re ready to pack up and go on a holiday, consider a cruise holiday for something extraordinary and memorable. [/expand]


Outlined below are experiences that are truly worth embracing. With no shortage of heavenly delights, we have meticulously crafted an utterly mesmerizing journey for you, encompassing everything from top-notch entertainment to delectable cuisine and boundless enjoyment. Embark on this extraordinary cruise to revel in the abundance of life’s pleasures. Discover what suits you best and indulge in the goodness of a cruise experience like no other!

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  • Theatre on three levels
  • Casino
  • Disco
  • Recording Studio
  • Pool deck with retractable glass roof and giant screen
  • Water slide
  • Internet Point
  • Library
  • Shopping Center
  • Virtual World
  • Children’s pool
  • Squok Club
Restaurants & Bars
  • 5 restaurants, including the Club Restaurant and the Samsara Restaurant at an additional charge* and by reservation only
  • 13 bars, including a Cognac & Cigar Bar and a Coffee & Chocolate Bar
  • Ceres Restaurant (2 floors)
  • Vesta Restaurant (2 floors)
  • Prometeo Self Service Restaurant (2 floors)
  • Samsara Restaurant
  • Club Bacco Restaurant*
  • Pantheon Bar
  • Apollo Grand Bar
  • Victoria Sports Bar
  • Bar Classico Ercole
  • Minerva Piano Bar
  • Juventas Chocolate Bar
  • Other Bars: Luna, Cupido, Pan, Sole, Urano, Bacco, Scuderia Costa


Outdoor & Wellness
  • Thalassotherapy Pool
  • Yoga and Pilates Room
  • Laconium
  • Turkish Bath
  • Tepidarium
  • Aromatic Turkish Bath
  • Relaxation Lounge
  • Entry is restricted to adult guests
  • Garden of the Golden Sun
  • Oriental VIP House
  • Flotation Therapy Room
  • Three Mud Body Treatment Room
  • Tea House
  • Oriental Deluxe House
  • Winter Garden
1,504 cabins in total, including: 87 with direct access to the spa, 505 with private balcony, 58 suites, all with private balcony,12 suites with direct access to the spa 


Experience the cabin of your dreams, where every Costa cabin offers a cozy and comfortable retreat. It serves as the perfect sanctuary to unwind and recharge after a fulfilling day of onboard and onshore activities and socializing. Immerse yourself in the discovery of our diverse range of cabin types, each thoughtfully designed to provide utmost comfort, elegance, and a tranquil ambiance for relaxation.

Suite Cabins

At Suite, we transform your dreams into tangible reality. Begin your suite cruise by uncorking the welcome bottle, the perfect way to commence your journey. Rest assured that every aspect will be taken care of, as we lavish you with personalized attention from your private butler, secure exclusive restaurant reservations each evening, provide a hot tub in your cabin, and extend numerous thoughtful gestures to ensure you relish your vacation with a regal touch.

Balcony Cabins

Indulge in the refreshing sea breeze on your private balcony.
Delight in a spacious terrace exclusively for you, allowing you to immerse yourself in the stunning sea views at any hour, capturing unforgettable moments through your lens. And what could be more delightful than starting your day with a balcony breakfast, greeted by a new and captivating vista each morning?

Ocean View Cabins

Indulge in the awe-inspiring sight of the ocean, a view that will take your breath away. Experience the exhilaration of waking up each morning, drawing back the curtain, and being greeted by a new and captivating vista. This remarkable sensation awaits you in an ocean view cabin, where a spacious window provides you with the privilege of admiring the vast expanse of the sea right from the cozy confines of your bed.

Interior Cabins

Interior, the epitome of practicality
For avid poolside enthusiasts and those seeking to fully immerse themselves in the ship’s offerings, the Interior cabin is an ideal choice. Designed with convenience in mind, it provides a practical space where everything is within easy reach. Rest peacefully each night, knowing you’ll awaken refreshed and ready to embark on new daily adventures in utmost comfort.

Costa Cruise India Interior Cabin Costa Cruise India Interior Cabins

Costa Cruises sets the standard for luxury and refinement in the world of cruising, offering voyages to diverse destinations across the globe. Whether you seek a sun-soaked tropical retreat or a captivating cultural expedition, Costa Cruises presents a collection of itineraries tailored to fulfill every traveler’s desires. With its inviting and cozy accommodations, exquisite dining choices, and thrilling onboard activities, Costa Cruises ensures an unparalleled cruising experience that surpasses all expectations.

Prepare to be entranced by the captivating splendor of India, where a vibrant tapestry of colors forms a mesmerizing backdrop. Visualize the seamless merging of azure blues with earthy browns, ochres, and greens, reminiscent of sprawling coffee and spice plantations, creating an infinite palette of breathtaking beauty. Every nook and cranny of this enchanting landscape holds a story that will awaken your senses and leave an indelible mark on your soul. Embark on a journey that will transport you from the grandeur of Mumbai to the tranquil blue hues of Goa and Kochi, Lakshadweep. Delve into the cultural richness, heritage, and sheer magnificence that India has to offer as you cruise in the epitome of style with Costa. Unearth the secrets of ancient civilizations, witness architectural marvels, and immerse yourself in a tapestry of traditions and vibrant festivities. We invite you to explore the unique destinations of India, from the pristine white beaches of Lakshadweep to the captivating blend of culture and nature in Kochi and Goa. India eagerly awaits your exploration! All you need to do is pack your bags and embark on this unforgettable adventure.

Costa Cruises sails to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, including:

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1. Mumbai – Experience the sparkling coastline of the Arabian Sea with Triplou’s Costa Cruise tour packages. Visit India’s largest metropolis, Mumbai, and immerse yourself in its rich culture, from colonial landmarks to delicious street food. Take a stroll along promenades and beaches, shop at trendy centers, visit temples, galleries, and museums, and experience the non-stop energy of this bustling city. Don’t miss out on the thrill of Mumbai, book your Costa Cruise tour today!

2. Goa – Escape to the idyllic coastal destination of Goa with Costa Cruise tours. Let your mind and body relax as soon as you arrive. Explore the historic old town and its colonial heritage, visit various charming beaches, and indulge in the delicious coastal cuisine. Celebrate and party the Goan way and let your sea journey come full circle. Book your Costa Cruise India tour to Goa now and start your unforgettable holiday experience!

3. Lakshadweep – Embark on a delightful journey with Costa Cruises to the stunning Lakshadweep Islands off the coast of Kerala. Be greeted by pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, charming local culture, and enchanting natural serenity. Don’t miss out on exciting activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving, where you can explore both the underwater and seaside life. Whether you’re a family or a couple, this is an amazing experience that shouldn’t be missed. Book your Costa  Cruise tour to Lakshadweep Islands today!

Whether you’re looking for a tropical getaway, a cultural adventure, or an exciting journey to a far-off destination, Costa Cruise India has a range of itineraries that cater to your needs. So, why not book your voyage with Costa Cruise India today and experience the ultimate cruising experience? [/expand]

Costa Serena – 2 Nights – Mumbai – Goa – Mumbai

Departure Date Inside Classic Cabin (Max 4 pax) Inside Premium Cabin (Max 4 pax) Oceanview Classic Cabin (Max 4 pax) Oceanview Premium Cabin (Max 4 pax) Balcony Classic Cabin (Max 4 pax) Balcony Premium Cabin (Max 4 pax)
06/12/2023 ₹ 26400 ₹ 28400 ₹ 32400 ₹ 34400 ₹ 38400 ₹ 40400
17/12/2023 ₹ 26400 ₹ 28400 ₹ 32400 ₹ 34400 ₹ 38400 ₹ 40400
22/12/2023 ₹ 27900 ₹ 29900 ₹ 33900 ₹ 35900 ₹ 39900 ₹ 41900


Your wedding day deserves to be everything you have envisioned and beyond. With a proven track record of hosting the largest-ever wedding at sea, Costa Cruises is here to turn your dreams into reality. Let us handle every meticulous detail, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy and romance of this extraordinary occasion. Trust Costa Cruises to create a magical wedding experience that exceeds your expectations and leaves you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.


Triplou is proud to offer Costa Cruises for your next corporate event! Experience the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and style as you sail away from the everyday with your team. With a range of facilities, from on-board dining to entertainment and relaxation, Costa Cruises will make sure your company event is unforgettable.

We offer a seamless and cost-effective solution for hosting meetings, rewards, recognition programs, conferences, and workshops at sea. Experience the efficiency and affordability of organizing your event onboard a Costa cruise ship. We have successfully hosted events for renowned corporates in India, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how effortless and budget-friendly it is to conduct your event with us. Let us assist you in combining work and leisure onboard, creating an unforgettable experience that balances productivity and enjoyment.

We are thrilled to have you onboard with us at Costa Cruises for your upcoming sailing adventure in Indian waters. To ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience, please take a moment to review these important tips:

Arrival at the Boarding Point:

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All guests are required to arrive at the Green Gate Ballard Pier by 2 PM on the boarding day.
Please be aware that there is no seating area available at the Green Gate, so you may have to queue up during the embarkation process.
Make sure to bring your RT-PCR negative certificate (taken within 72 hours of boarding) along with your Cruise Voucher and government-issued identification card.
Only debit/credit cards are accepted on the cruise, so make sure to carry one with you.
Please note that outside food, beverages, and alcohol are not allowed on the ship.
It is recommended to carry your sea-sickness medication or patches, as well as your international adaptor (American plug 110V). Please do not bring along a kettle or cooking equipment as these are not permitted.
Don’t forget to bring along your personal toiletries.

Onboard the Cruise:

Your mobile sim card may not work while sailing in international waters, so it is recommended to purchase a wifi card that is available onboard.
Shore excursions can only be purchased through the cruise shore excursion desk onboard. Passengers who do not purchase shore excursions will not be allowed to disembark.
For your health and safety, please practice social distancing at all times, especially in the reception, dining, and entertainment areas.
If you need any assistance during your cruise, please reach out to the Cruise Help Desk at Reception.
Please take care while using the toilet facilities onboard. Avoid disposing of items such as masks in the toilets, as this can cause drainage issues.


Please settle all your pending bills the day before disembarkation.
Make sure to have your breakfast and be ready for disembarkation by 10 AM on the last day of your cruise.
Please ensure that you do not take any ship’s property when you disembark. Any items that are taken will be charged to your account.

By following these tips, we are confident that you will have an enjoyable and memorable Costa Cruise India experience. Thank you for choosing Costa Cruise and we look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!


Which cabin should I book?
– A lot of first time cruisers choose an inside cabin (an internal cabin without a window) solely due to their budget or simply because they spend maximum time at the lounge, spa, deck or activity area and only require a room for sleep and changeover. However you will be surprised to know that there is normally a very small difference to upgrade to an oceanview cabin (cabin with a view). For a whole different experience think about upgrading to a balcony cabin or mini-suite. In life, few things are worth spending a little extra money on, and a cabin with a balcony or mini-suite is worth everything. Trust Triplou!

How far in advance can I book my cruise?
– Choice and availability are best when booked early. Oftentimes certain categories of cabins sell out; especially during peak seasons, so the sooner you can book the better.

What can I do onboard Costa Cruise?
– As you soak in the breathtaking view of the tranquil sea and experience the grandeur of Luxury Cruising from India, you’ll be treated to loads of surprises and delightful moments. The lucky guests can enjoy high-quality accommodation such as mini-suites, cabins with ocean view and balcony, interconnecting rooms; all featuring plenty of amenities, gourmet cuisines, live entertainment, broadway musicals, burlesque performance, a breathtaking pool deck, multiple spa treatments, exciting excursions, world-class service and much more all included. Though the best part about Costa cruises is the multicuisine gourmet food; from five, six and seven-course dinners down to the burger from the grill, khaman dhokla of Gujarat to the fiery Mumbai vadapav and pav bhaji, Delhi chaat to Kolkata rolls, Goan omelette pav to Chennai idli & dosa….everything you crave for from the Indian Street can be enjoyed at the high seas.

What about the night life?
-Night life is the main highlight of cruise vacations from India. That’s when life onboard a cruise ship really turns on. There’s dancing, live entertainment, broadway musicals, discos and lounges, casino, feature films, and parties with all loves ones as well as new friends. And the night can go on as long as you want. Even until the spectacle of sunrise at sea.

Are there smoking areas on the ship?
-There are smoking areas on the ship – these are normally in designated areas. In principle, smoking is not permitted in any onboard common areas, passage ways, swimming pools, entertainment areas, theatre, conference halls, any decks, onboard shops, food service areas (buffets and restaurants, the medical centres, child-care areas, corridors or elevator foyers, areas where Guests are assembled in groups for safety exercises, disembarkation or tour departures, public toilets, or in bars close to areas where food is served). Smoking is strictly prohibited in all staterooms and stateroom balconies.

What documents do I need to book a cruise?
-Proof of citizenship is required for everyone sailing aboard Costa cruise. Indian nationals may provide their Passport, Driving Licensee, PAN Card, Voters Card or Aadhaar Card for entry into port and embarkation. For Foreign nationals, Passport is mandatory (please check with the Indian Immigration Office for precise documents apart from valid Passport)

Do I need to purchase travel insurance if traveling locally?
– Travel Insurance gives you and your loved ones peace of mind and protection in the face of an emergency. We have seen many cases of people having to cancel their holiday bookings at the last moment and losing almost the entire value of their fare due to injury, sickness, or death of a traveling companion or immediate family member. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of other unforeseeable circumstances that could occur when traveling to a new place, and travel insurance can protect your vacation investment. Whether you’re looking for medical coverage in a foreign country or want to protect your belongings, there is an insurance policy that is right for you. Our Cruise Experts will be delighted to assist you with the appropriate Travel Insurance policy for you and your loved ones. Also if you currently have travel insurance, be sure to understand what is covered and excluded.

What is cancellation and rescheduling policy?

Cancellation Fee

Days to Departure Fee
31 days and above to departure 25% of cabin fare
16 to 30 days to departure 50% of cabin fare
0 to 15 days to departure 100% of cabin fare
No-Show 100% of total fare
  • Cancellation is only allowed for a complete cabin.
  • Partial individual cancellation is not allowed.
  • For e.g. In case 4 pax are booked in a cabin and 2 pax want to cancel, cancellation will be for entire cabin.
  • Service charges & Levies will be refunded.
  • GST for the refunded amount will also be returned.
  • Refund will be processed within 15 working days from the cancellation date.

Rescheduling Fee

Days to Departure Fee
31 days and above NIL Fee + Fare difference if any
16 -30 days to departure INR 5000 per cabin
1 to 15 day to departure INR 10000 per cabin
  • Rescheduled itinerary must commence within 6 months from the original itinerary date.
  • Free rescheduling – In case of death of immediate family member, with valid death certificate.
  • Fare difference if any will be payable by the customer.
  • GST will be applicable on any payable amount.

Popular Costa Cruise India Experiences

Costa Cruises From Mumbai

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3 Nights Mumbai to Goa in Cordelia Cruise

2 Nights | Mumbai – Goa Costa Cruise

Availability : 25 MAR 2024, 22 APR 2024, 20 MAY 2024, 30 SEP 2024, 21 OCT 2024, 18 NOV 2024, 16 DEC 2024, 13 JAN 2025, 10 FEB 2025, 10 MAR 2025, 7 APR 2025, 5 MAY 2025, 2 JUN 2025
Mumbai - Goa - Mumbai
Costa Cruise from Mumbai

2 Nights | Mumbai – High Seas – Mumbai

Availability : 2 MAR 2024, 16 MAR 2024, 30 MAR 2024, 11 MAY 2024, 21 SEP 2024, 28 SEP 2024, 5 OCT 2024, 12 OCT 2024, 26 OCT 2024, 9 NOV 2024, 23 NOV 2024, 7 DEC 2024, 21 DEC 2024, 4 JAN 2025, 18 JAN 2025, 1 FEB 2025, 15 FEB 2025, 1 MAR 2025, 15 MAR 2025, 29 MAR 2025, 12 APR 2025, 26 APR 2025, 10 MAY 2025, 24 MAY 2025, 7 JUN 2025
Mumbai - High Seas - Mumbai

2 Nights | Mumbai – Kochi

Availability : 11 MAR 2024, 8 APR 2024, 6 MAY 2024, 3 JUN 2024, 7 JUL 2024, 23 SEP 2024, 7 OCT 2024, 4 NOV 2024, 2 DEC 2024, 27 JAN 2025, 24 FEB 2025, 24 MAR 2025, 21 APR 2025, 19 MAY 2025
Mumbai - High Seas - Kochi
Mumbai to Goa Costa Cruise

3 Nights | Mumbai – Goa – Goa – Mumbai

Availability : 8 MAR 2024, 22 MAR 2024, 5 APR 2024, 19 APR 2024, 3 MAY 2024, 17 MAY 2024, 31 MAY 2024, 14 JUN 2024, 18 OCT 2024, 1 NOV 2024, 15 NOV 2024, 29 NOV 2024, 13 DEC 2024, 1 JAN 2025, 10 JAN 2025, 24 JAN 2025, 7 FEB 2025, 21 FEB 2025, 7 MAR 2025, 21 MAR 2025, 4 APR 2025, 18 APR 2025, 2 MAY 2025, 16 MAY 2025, 30 MAY 2025, 13 JUN 2025
Mumbai - Goa - Goa - Mumbai
Goa Cruise Package

3 Nights | Mumbai – High Seas – Goa – Mumbai

Availability : 2023-11-04, 2023-11-07, 2023-12-03, 2023-12-19
Mumbai - High Seas - Goa - Mumbai
5 Nights Costa Cruise from Mumbai

5 Nights | Mumbai – High Seas – Kochi – High Seas – Goa – Mumbai

Availability : 2023-11-19, 2023-12-10
Mumbai - High Seas - Kochi - High Seas - Goa - Mumbai
Mumbai Kochi Lakshadweep Cruise

5 Nights | Mumbai – High Seas – Kochi – Lakshadweep – High Seas – Mumbai

Availability : 6 MAY 2024, 3 JUN 2024, 23 SEP 2024, 7 OCT 2024, 4 NOV 2024, 2 DEC 2024, 27 JAN 2025, 24 FEB 2025, 24 MAR 2025, 21 APR 2025, 19 MAY 2025
Mumbai - High Seas - Kochi - Lakshadweep - High Seas - Mumbai

Costa Cruises From Kochi

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Kochi to Mumbai Costa Cruise Package

3 Nights | Kochi – High Seas – Goa – Mumbai

Availability : 2023-11-21, 2023-12-12
Kochi - High Seas - Goa - Mumbai
Kochi Lakshadweep Costa Cruise

3 Nights | Kochi – Lakshadweep – High Seas – Mumbai

Availability : 13 MAR 2024, 10 APR 2024, 8 MAY 2024, 5 JUN 2024, 25 SEP 2024, 9 OCT 2024, 6 NOV 2024, 4 DEC 2024, 29 JAN 2025, 26 FEB 2025, 26 MAR 2025, 23 APR 2025, 21 MAY 2025
Kochi - Lakshadweep - High Seas - Mumbai
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