10 Amazing Things To Consider Honeymoon Cruises

Honeymoon cruises are meant to kindle a spark in your relationship, and also, to enable romance aesthetically! Plan your honeymoon on a cruise in order to celebrate your marriage in the most beautiful way! Not only will you receive the privacy that’s important, but also have a great time getting to know your spouse. With amenities and luxuries like in Cordelia Cruises, there’s enough room for a successful honeymoon and more. Getting to know each other after marriage often calls for a serene backdrop, or perhaps a foreign location, and notable cuisines and alcohol. What if you get all of this and an entire week surrounded by waters on all sides? The feeling is surreal, isn’t it?!

Well, let’s get into knowing more about honeymoon cruises and the plannings and procedures with Cordelia Cruises.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Honeymoon Cruises?

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Honeymoon on Cruises demand the least of your time in planning, overthinking, and thus taking away the pain of being burdened. Here’s to why you should always opt for a honeymoon on a cruise, and that too, only with Cordelia Cruises.

1. Honeymoon cruises are meant to take you to romantic getaways like Goa, Diu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and other northeastern countries. Also, in the meantime, offer you cozy stays at the same time.

2. It also enables you to save money while having equal benefits of a romantic holiday. Couples on a budget would surely love this idea since you get to experience gourmet cuisines, stupendous entertainment, cozy stays and so forth.

3. Get rejuvenating spa treatments on the honeymoon cruise at Empress of the Seas. The Zen aroma will help to let lose any burdens and make you feel light and refreshed. Moreover, you can always opt for couple massages to spend quality time together with your spouse. The trained professionals help you soothe your mind, body and soul.

4. You can always go for last-minute bookings with honeymoon cruises, wherein everything will be taken take off.  So, sit back and relax, literally.

5. Onboard activities like swimming, gambling, Broadway shows, live music performances and DJ nights are to keep your love birds engaged and at the same time, truly entertained.

6. You can always enjoy and admire the setting sun, the astonishing waves with a glass of wine in one hand and each other’s hand in the other. Come aboard to The Oasis, spend some quality time with your life partner and witness the peaceful haven where the waves of the sea are the only thing to disturb you.

7. Indulge yourself in a fine dining experience with the Honeymoon cruises at The Waterfront restaurant. Experience the soulful flavours of India and get to know each other better over Indian delicacies and an alluring ambience.

8. You can also hit the gym for some fitness on board and yes of course, in order to strike up that pent-up romance within you.

9. Honeymoon on a cruise is all about the luxury of a stay, the 5-star hotel room experience that allures you. All of Cordelia cruise ship rooms are on the lines of a 5-star hotel with basic amenities and facilities. Also, you can always have a choice over selecting rooms at Empress of the Seas. You can always choose a suite with an ocean view, in order to relish exciting oceanic views, and at the same time, go for a mini-suite with a balcony. The latter would be more spacious with the luxury of sitting out in your private space. All the rooms are fully furnished with different bedding configurations, along with the facility of excellent room service.

10. The Honeymoon cruises here at Cordelia cruises offshore excursions too, making it an all-inclusive trip so that you are saved from the headache of finding out things to do and places to see.

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Well, we hope that our insight into honeymoon cruises with Cordelia cruises was helpful. It’s a humble request on our part to you for planning your honeymoon with them, and only them, if your answer is an affirmed yes!

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