4 Luxury Cruise Holiday Options In India!

Cruising in itself is blissful terminology. One would pretty much associate themselves with this super-amazing experience at least once in a lifetime. If you too are that enthusiastic about travelling overseas magnificently, then a luxury cruise holiday pretty much awaits you!

Experience the goodness of travel on a luxury cruise with Cordelia cruises – meanwhile also exploring the best of travel, opulence, and satiating your wanderlust to its core! Travelling for us is truly an emotion, and gifting you that emotion would make you a part of our inclusive team. Therefore, hop on board (literally) to experience the best of cruising experiences in India with our stupendous cruise tour packages. Take along your friends/ family to this once-in-a-lifetime experience ASAP.

Let’s therefore, get started with the best of our cruise holiday packages in order to make you fall in love simply with the thought of a luxury cruise holiday!

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Best of a Luxury Cruise Holiday!

Scroll through and know more about the best of our cruise ship tour packages from India-

1. Chennai Colombo Cruise| Cordelia Cruises

5 Nights to Colombo & Galle cruise tour rather sounds like a dream come true! The cruise from Chennai to Chennai via Colombo & Galle truly sounds worth your every penny! There’s not an iota of doubt to the fact that Cordelia cruises indeed make every experience worth-while!  From sumptuous food to a promised luxury cruise holiday that is inclusive of amazing drinks, relieving spas, exciting casinos, and relaxing cabin rooms, nothing is small-scale here! Not to mention that your price includes-

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Free entry as Casino
  • Burlesque shows
  • Amazing Nightlife at the Dome
2. Cruises from Mumbai| Mumbai-High-Seas-Mumbai| Cordelia Cruise

Cruises from Mumbai have a sense of local essence to them. The life of these cruises is no less than heaven! It’s high time that you look into some of our cruise holiday packages to relieve yourself of all the lockdown blues and live life to its fullest. This is exactly how a luxury cruise holiday looks like!

Sip on some relishing martini and while thoroughly enjoying the nightlife on our cruise decks. Let the cool breezes fall upon your elfin shoulders and leave everything on Cordelia cruises. No bookings for hotel, restaurants, or anything else needed, cause, well, everything’s already here- from spas to fancy restaurants and even casinos!

3. Mumbai Goa Lakshadweep Cruise| Cordelia Cruises

5 Nights to Kadmat & Goa cruise tour is not a far-fetched dream anymore. Cordelia cruises bring you the best of a luxury cruise holiday which will further make your every moment on board, worth remembering, and truly amazing, not to mention, Instagram-worthy too!

Enjoy the delectable cuisines, stress-relieving spas, gambling at casinos, and your own sweet cabin rooms. Book the best of our cruise ship tour packages from India to experience nothing less than what you truly deserve.

4. Coastal Extravaganza| Cordelia Cruise Packages

7 Nights to Kadmat & Goa cruise tour is indeed a total holiday mood. Celebrate a full-fledged vacation on luxury while basking in the sun that is visible from the bountiful shores of Kochi, Goa, Colombo & Trincomalee, Celebrate the best of luxury travelling on the deck of Cordelia cruises that make sure that you receive nothing less than what you truly deserve.

Relish in the exquisite meals and drinks as well. Experience the best of everything with family or even friends.

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Well, well, a luxury cruise holiday doesn’t at all sound too much. You gotta be enjoying the best of everything on a single cruise tour itself. Think about this stupendous chance and try to make up your mind ASAP. Also, do let us know about your experiences later in the comments down below!!

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