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A Cruise wedding is the best destination wedding you can ever think of! Marriages might be made in heaven, but they truly need to be celebrated on earth. What better place to get married to someone you love, than on a cruise! Marriages are something you remember for life, flaunt to your children in your photo albums and their children too. A cruise marriage is worth having, especially for people in love. Let your love culminate into a marriage that’s into the air and on the water, literally, and up to heaven, till the end.

With Cordelia Cruises by your side, you have got nothing to worry about. The idea sounds unfamiliar but truly mesmerizing, doesn’t it?! Let’s get into knowing a little more!

Cruise Wedding: Planning A Marriage On Board With Cordelia Cruises

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A lot of thinking and hard work goes into planning a wedding. Not to mention a series of decisions that need to be made in the very early stages of planning with date and venue at the forefront. It’s better to have a clear picture of the wedding, that is, from whom to invite, to flowers to arrange, décor for the venues, clothes for the couple, food and just to name a few.

Well, a cruise wedding with Cordelia Cruises means no panic or tension. We are to arrange for stylists on board. They will see to the bride’s hair, makeup, and that of her kins. Nothing would be left to the last minute, and that’s a done deal. Talented musicians are to play wholesome music all the time, anything that would uplift your guest’s mood.

Not to mention, experienced planners are available to discuss each of these things before you make a decision to get married on Empress of the Seas.

The Venue
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With experienced wedding planners on board, nothing can go wrong with Cordelia Cruises. With beach weddings becoming popular in recent years, there’s so much to celebrate the same viz.-a-viz. a cruise wedding. The cruise members are to look after the guests and cater to all of their needs. Additionally, the many suite rooms on the Empress of the Seas only further facilitate a proper wedding scenario. There are ample cabins with private balconies, along with internal cabins as well as small suites.

The cuisines offered are of myriad regional, cultural, and international backgrounds. With plenty of evening entertainment as well as bars and a casino, no one will ever feel bored when they are sailing on the high seas.

Marriage Ceremonies And Celebrations
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Weddings in India are usually of a surreal nature. With a lot of traditions to follow, several customs and traditions are celebrated. A lot of ceremonies take place before the final show. And, all of that requires a lot of planning and order. With your choice for a cruise wedding, comes our responsibility of making it happen. The crew at Cordelia Cruises see to the fulfilment of everything. With luxury accommodation and stupendous cuisine, you experience the wonders of a marriage of cruise, enjoying the great entertainment the whole time.

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The cruising experience in itself is different and yes, mind-blowing. People who are fond of destination weddings should consider a cruise marriage as well. Cordelia Cruises help you experience the goodness of a cruise stay with everything available then and there. You can roam around in the lobbies of the cruise, or dine at your favourite restaurant onboard, you can always have a drink or two, in the best of bars. Additionally, get entertained by amazing bands, music shows and just to name a few. There’s nothing more than a wedding can ask for than an amazing stay and a wholesome experience!

Hurry, book fast. Your marriage deserves to be memorable, you further deserve the best cruise wedding ever!


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