Top 6 Meals To Savor & Dining Experiences On Cordelia Cruise!

Dining experiences on Cordelia Cruise is worth salivating for! With a myriad collection of food items from all across the globe, Cordelia Cruises indeed entice you into getting on board ASAP! Mouth-watering meals along with complimentary tea and desserts make up for memorable times on your stay at the cruise. Cuisines intrigue one and all, especially from all over the world when there’s regional delicacies, and western chivalry, and ingredients which intrigue and channelize one’s palate!

Seems like we can’t get enough of the meals that Cordelia Cruises have to offer to its very esteemed guests and above all, foodies! Get your hand at the dining experiences on Cordelia Cruise and get yourselves hooked into the taste of class and endearment, literally!!

Dining Experiences On Cordelia Cruises: Savor Delicious Meals Onboard

Get your hand at the best of recipes, cuisines, flavors, and so forth! Given below are luxury dining experiences on Cordelia Cruise that help you get a glimpse of the aesthetic ambience, gorgeous restaurants and devour on sumptuous meals!

1. The Waterfront

The restaurant with its indigenous taste and homely essence takes you back to the mouthful lands of India, extremely rich in flavors and spices. The restaurant further guarantees authentic Indian cuisines, that not only satiate you fully, but the lingering taste makes you wanna come back, again and again. Furthermore, the restaurant

  • serves Signature Indian Thali and A La Carte Menu for lunch.
  • chooses from recipes that include tangy street foods and spicy curry recipes to other main-meal delicacies.
  • delights you with exceptional vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.
  • intrigue you with alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages.
2. Chopstix
Credits: Cordelia Cruises

Your taste buds are going to thank you so much for this amazing culinary experience.

  • Asian cuisines that rather blows your mind with the required condiments and flavors.
  • Thai, Malay, Chinese, Korean, Mangolian, Taiwanese and Japanese cuisines are offered.
  • Everything served is extremely fresh and aesthetically presentable.
3. The International Grill

With western flavors at play, and fusion complimenting the same, nothing seems far-fetched on board. Here’s to such mouth-watering dining experiences on Cordelia cruise that only make you wanna stay longer!

  • Varying dishes, grilled, tossed and best served.
  • Gamut of tasty recipes, including sea food, pizzas, burgers, pasta, salads and what not.
  • Personalizing dishes, especially pizza with your favorite toppings.
4. Hot Clay Tandoor

Bringing the best barbecue recipes from Asia and Middle East into astonishing dining experiences on Cordelia cruise! Here’s to fondest of tandoori grill recipes along with elements of Indian spices and marinades that melt your heart in no time!!

  • Spicy Indian food with condiment that satiate your love for masaledar food along with flavors of ginger and garlic.
  • Kebabs that make you wanna overeat, even for vegetarians.
  • Making up for traditional Indian counters for breakfast.
5. Jain Haven

With hospitality at its best, one would be thrilled to find Jain food on Cordelia Cruise. Respecting secularism at its best, you’d be thrilled to devour upon Jain food on Cordelia Cruise.

  • An array of authentic Jain food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the beloved guests.
  • Special Pav-Bhaji corner for those wanting to indulge in delectable recipes.
6.  The Cafe

The thought of socializing for your morning coffee or evening tea-time lights you up, doesn’t it? Here’s a perfect place to enjoy and relish upon every savory of such sort including bite-sides snacks and what not. Here’s to relaxing times and an evening worth of chatting and knowing each other better.

  • This place let’s you take your mind off from literally everything as it serves you amazing coffee.
  • With variety of caffeinated drinks, including hot and cold drinks, for every mood of yours, this place truly amazes you!
  • Delight yourself with not just beverages that are heart-melting but also finger foods and other bite-sized munchies.

Dining experiences on Cordelia Cruise are worth every penny and indeed killing it for! Why don’t you too take some time off,  and experience the goodness of this stupendous cruise tour that further entice you with gourmet meals and astonishing recipes?!


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