Betla National Park: 5 Reasons Why Adventure and Natural Beauty Lovers Must Visit

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Betla National Park is a natural wonderland just waiting to be discovered. It is located in the centre of the Indian state of Jharkhand. The park, which has a surface area of 979 square kilometres and is home to a variety of flora and wildlife, is the ideal vacation spot for both nature lovers and adventure seekers.


Rich Biodiversity

Tremendous biodiversity may be found in the natural paradise that is Betla National Park. The park is situated in the Palamau district of the Indian state of Jharkhand and has a total size of 979 square kilometres. The park is a popular location for wildlife enthusiasts due to its wide variety of flora and fauna. Within the park is the Palamau Tiger Reserve, a popular tourist destination. Elephants, tigers, leopards, and other deer and antelope species can all be found in reserves. Over 200 bird species may be found in the park, making it a haven for birdwatchers.

Rich Biodiversity in Betla National Park
Rich Biodiversity in Betla National Park

The Indian python, cobra, and krait are just a few of the reptiles and amphibians that may be found in Betla National Park. Several water features in the park are home to numerous fish, turtle, and crocodile species. Several primates, including langurs and macaques, live in the park.

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Scenic Treks

For those who enjoy trekking, Betla National Park is a popular destination. Many hiking trails provide breathtaking views of the park’s natural splendour. Both experienced hikers and beginners can select a course that suits their skill level because the trails range in difficulty. Tourists are urged to engage a local guide for their safety despite the park’s many marked trails.

Scenic treks in Betla National Park

The Palamau-Betla trek, a four-day journey that covers around 40 kilometres, is one of the most well-known hiking routes. The hike gives breathtaking views of the park’s unspoiled natural splendour as it passes through lush forests, grasslands, and rocky terrain. The five-day Netarhat journey, which travels a distance of about 50 kilometres, is another well-liked hike. The Netarhat plateau, noted for its picturesque grandeur and home to numerous waterfalls and streams, is traversed during the journey.


Adventure Activities

Visitors to Betla National Park can partake in a variety of adventurous activities. In the park, camping is a well-liked activity. There are many campsites where you may set up your tent and spend the night amidst the stars and forest sounds. In addition, the park provides rock climbing, a well-liked pastime for adventure seekers. There are some rocky outcrops throughout the park that are appropriate for both novice and expert climbers. Due to the park’s abundance of bird species, visitors can also try their hand at bird watching.

Betla Lake in Betla National Park
Betla Lake in Betla National Park

The park also features several bodies of water where guests can go boating and take in the peace of the lake. There are various lakes in the garden, notably the Betla Lake and Koel River, which are well-liked by boaters. Visitors can try to capture some local fish species when fishing in the park.


Natural Beauty

With its lush forests, sparkling waterfalls, and meandering streams, Betla National Park is renowned for its natural beauty and offers a tranquil setting for nature lovers. Several lakes can be found in the park, where you may go boating and take in the peace of the water. The Dassam Falls and the Hundru Falls are two of the park’s many waterfalls and are popular tourist destinations.

Hundru Falls in Betla National Park

The Mirchaiya Waterfall and the Lodh Falls, two picturesque locations in the park, provide breathtaking views of the area’s unspoiled natural splendour. Several vistas in the park, such as the Betla Viewpoint and the Netarhat Viewpoint, provide expansive views of the park’s topography.


Tribal Villages

A region with a strong tribal culture is where Betla National Park is situated. The Oraon, Munda, and Santhal tribes are among the tribes that call the park home. These tribes have their own culture, including traditional music, dance, and handicrafts. By visiting the nearby villages and mingling with the inhabitants, park visitors can taste the tribal culture.

The Oraon, Munda, and Santhal tribes
The Oraon, Munda, and Santhal tribes

The park provides visitors with an extraordinary chance to learn about tribal culture. The park is home to many tribal museums that highlight the diverse cultural traditions of the surrounding tribes. Traditional clothing, jewellery, and handicrafts are displayed in the museums to give tourists a glimpse into the way of life there.


The most significant time to visit Betla National Area is between October and March when the weather is moderate and the park is most picturesque. However, the park is open all year round. Visitors are recommended to reserve their visit in advance to avoid disappointment. The park is open from 6 am to 6 pm.

In terms of lodging, they offer options for everyone. The park has cosy lodges and restrooms for the forest, while the surrounding town of Daltonganj is home to several hotels and resorts.

betla national park

A variety of activities are available for visitors in the natural beauty that is Betla National Park. The park is a unique and unforgettable destination because of its abundant biodiversity, picturesque treks, adventurous activities, natural beauty, and tribal culture. They have plenty to offer everyone, whether you enjoy animals, trekking, adventure, or want to escape the rush and bustle of city life. The park has much to offer everyone with its breathtaking scenery, varied fauna, and exhilarating activities. Why then wait? Discover Betla National Park’s natural beauty and adventure by making a reservation immediately.

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