Uncover 5 Must-See Attractions in Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary’s Magnificent Biodiversity

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Similipal National Park

A hidden treasure in India’s east is the Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary. Almost 2750 square kilometres of this protected area are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Simplipal is a haven for nature lovers and adventurers with its verdant green forests, tumbling waterfalls, and meandering streams. Here are some reasons for visiting Simplipal Nature Sanctuary’s biodiversity.


Flora and fauna of Simplipal

Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary is a biodiversity hotspot in eastern India because it is home to a diverse mix of flora and wildlife. More than 100 different mammals can be found in the sanctuary, including some sensitive and endangered ones, including tigers, elephants, leopards, and wild dogs. Deer of several types, including spotted deer, sambar, and barking deer, are also present in the sanctuary. These herbivores are an essential link in the food chain and are crucial to preserving the ecosystem’s balance.

Flora and fauna in Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary

Simplipal’s vegetation exhibits remarkable biodiversity as well. The sanctuary contains various plant life, including montane forests, dry deciduous woods, and moist tropical rainforests. The sanctuary’s notable species, the sal tree, gives the animals a vital source of food and shelter. Asan, mahua, piyal, and semal are other significant plant species in the sanctuary. The lush, green woodlands of the cover serve as essential habitats for species and support the environment.


Trekking and Camping

Adventurers will love Simplipal Nature Sanctuary, which has several hiking paths that take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the sanctuary. The walk leading to the Barehipani waterfall, India’s second-highest waterfall, is the most well-known. This journey takes you through the sanctuary’s interior and offers breathtaking views of nearby trees and waterfalls.

Camping in Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary

In Simplipal, camping is another well-liked activity. The sanctuary contains some authorised camping areas, which are an excellent way to get close to nature and wildlife. The sounds of the forest, the starry skies, and the warmth of a campfire make camping in Simplipal a memorable experience.


The Simlipal Tiger Reserve

One of India’s most extensive tiger reserves is the Simlipal Tiger Reserve, a part of the Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary. Almost 90 tigers live in reserve, with over 845 square kilometres of surface area. The reserve is the perfect place for nature lovers and photographers who want to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary

Leopards, sloth bears, and numerous different types of deer are among the other mammal species that call the Simlipal Tiger Reserve home. The reserve has a diverse population of raptors, hornbills, and other woodland birds, which are impressive. These creatures require a crucial habitat in the reserve’s forests and grasslands, and the sanctuary’s conservation efforts have helped maintain the number of these animals.

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One of the main draws for tourists is the waterfalls in Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary’s centrepiece waterfall, Joranda, is gorgeous. The waterfall, which tumbles from about 150 feet, is encircled by verdant trees and picturesque panoramas.

Waterfall in Similipal National Park

A popular tourist activity is a trek to the Joranda waterfall, which is accessible to visitors. The journey is a beautiful way to enjoy the area’s natural splendour as it takes you through some of the sanctuary’s most stunning locales. The well-marked walk to the waterfall provides views of the nearby woodlands, wildlife, and water features.


Educational Tours

The richness of the sanctuary, conservation efforts, and the residents’ importance are all topics covered during one of the many educational tours that Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary offers. These tours are given by knowledgeable guides who share their expertise of the sanctuary’s flora and animals and the difficulties conservationists face.

Educational tours in Similipal National Park

The Simlipal Tiger Reserve, tribal settlements, waterfalls, and woods are all included in the educational trips. The sanctuary’s various plant and animal species, the sanctuary’s conservation initiatives, and the indigenous communities’ cultural and social components are all available for visitors to learn about. These excursions are an excellent way to take in the sanctuary’s beauty and discover how crucial they are to safeguarding India’s natural heritage.


For everyone interested in discovering the splendour of India’s natural surroundings, Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit location. Simplipal provides visitors with a distinctive experience thanks to its wide variety of flora and animals, trekking trails, waterfalls, tribal communities, and educational trips.


Nature lovers, adventurers, and wildlife enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in this hidden gem’s stunning natural surroundings and diverse species should visit. Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary offers tranquil retreats and thrilling adventures, so there’s something for everyone.

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