Mumbai (Bombay) is the commercial capital of India and the capital of Maharashtra is India’s largest and one of the most beautiful cities. The city is famous for its world-class architecture, and modern and astounding buildings. This city has it all, be it history, art, culture, food, cinema, or theatre with exciting nightlife. Are you...
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Cordelia Cruises -Ship
Cruising in India is all about exploring the unsung indigenous spaces viz.-a-viz. sea routes that are intriguing. The mere thought of exploring the nation on a cruise, while getting to know spaces that are stupendous, is in itself miraculous. With Cordelia Cruises, you not only enjoy yourselves thoroughly on board but also while sailing on...
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Cordelia Cruises - Empress of the Seas
Here’s to the cruise from Mumbai to Goa an experience worth living for! While Goa is the smallest state in the country, it is also the most acclaimed state when it comes to tourism. This tropical state is much known for more than 40 beaches that it has,  dense forests, aesthetic river valleys and massive coconut...
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Top 5 Destinations To Sail Around With Cordelia Cruises!
How ecstatic are you to visit amazing destinations with Cordelia Cruises? We believe a lot. If such is the case, then prepare yourself for a destination guide, worthy of your time, effort and money! Mumbai to Goa cruise and Chennai to Sri Lanka cruise are two of our popular destination cruises. With a broad spectrum,...
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