Top 5 Cruise Destinations To Sail Around With Cordelia Cruises

How ecstatic are you to visit amazing destinations with Cordelia Cruises? We believe a lot. If such is the case, then prepare yourself for a destination guide, worthy of your time, effort and money! Mumbai to Goa cruise and Chennai to Sri Lanka cruise are two of our popular destination cruises. With a broad spectrum, right from a gamut of sailing itineraries, to thrilling experiences, we have got a lot to offer.

Keeping destinations in mind as the prime choice for travel and fun, we have brought you stupendous destinations to check out.

Top 5 Destinations To Sail Around With Cordelia Cruises

With a lot to learn and amaze yourselves with, Cordelia Cruises brings you destinations worthy of your time and effort!

1. Mumbai- The City Of Splendor And Hope
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Mumbai is the Bollywood hub of India and a metropolitan city with exquisite local cuisines, fabulous restaurants, stupendous architecture, luxury hotels, National Parks, beaches, local markets, and so forth. Mumbai is based on the north-western coast of India.

Cordelia Cruise Specials– Visit the Elephanta Caves, along with the other Marvels of Mumbai, bow your respect to the religious spaces and fill yourselves with sumptuous meals. Visit Banganga & Kotachiwadi Heritage, a local market town and meet the Dabbawallas and stride along Dhobi Ghat and relax by Marine Drive at night.

2. Mormugao- In True Spirits
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It’s one of the well-known cities in Goa. Tourists are drawn to the town for its soothing weather, old-school aura, classy architecture, religious places, beaches, soulful nightlife, and calming sunsets.

Cordelia Cruise Specials: Sunset on beaches, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, walks along the roads of Goa, Mormugao’s Spice Plantation, visit Mormugao’s Basilicas, followed by lunch.

3. Diu- Surround Yourself With Serenity
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Diu is an aesthetically pleasing island, which is located near the coast of the Kathiawar region at Veraval port. much acclaimed for its art and architecture, the place is worthy of our visit at least once. Beautiful beaches, historical forts, temples, and everything that appeases and soothes one’s eyes. Truly, it is worth spending every penny, considering peace as a prime motive.

Cordelia Cruise Specials:  We make sure that you visit the exotic beaches, the historically captivating Diu Fort, Shell Museum, other religious places, parks and gardens.

4. Lakshadweep- Island Of Dreams
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This Indian island is much acclaimed for its exotic beaches and lush landscapes. Lakshadweep is India’s smallest union territory with glorious beaches, satiating greens and amass of flora and fauna.

Cordelia Cruise Specials: Rides boats in Minoy and gaze at gorgeous sunsets at Kavaratti Island and the adorable lagoons of Thinnakara Island. The mystique to Lakshadweep enables hiking and fishing options along with water sports activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking. One can soothe oneself viz.-a-viz. nature trails, boat rides and bird-watching activities.

5. Srilanka- The Cultural Abode
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This Asian island is chimerical and infested with cultural aesthetics. Being closely associated with nature, it further enables you to enjoy exotic beaches, lush green tea plantations, rainforests, exciting elephant rides, the iconic stupas and temples. No to mention the stupendous fortresses of Galle and Trincomalee, that make Sri Lanka worthy of all visits!

Cordelia Cruise Specials- Sri Lanka is truly a respite for foodies, cultural hoarders, shopaholics and yes, adventure enthusiasts too. The underwater marine life will surely astonish you, along with all the cool water activities. Engage in whale and dolphin watching excursions go sightseeing in several mythological spaces and beautiful beaches to rejuvenate and feel good.

Aren’t you already intimated by our travelling schemes and strategies? If yes, then you have surely landed in the right place, better with  Cordelia Cruises by your side. Pack up your bags, and prepare yourselves for mind-blowing travel experiences, both national and international. 

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