Join Triplou on a journey to explore Indonesia’s rich culture and traditions. Discover Yogyakarta and Borneo. Indonesia is famed for its rich cultural legacy and natural beauty. Two locations that highlight these qualities are Yogyakarta and Borneo. On the island of Java, the city of Yogyakarta is renowned for its historic temples, folklore, and cultural...
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Join Triplou on a journey to discover the beauty and culture of Indonesia. Explore Bali and Java. Indonesia is a beautiful, cultural, and adventurous country. It offers a variety of activities that make it a must-visit location for any traveller, with its more than 17,000 islands. Java is the location of some of the most...
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Relive the Indian epic, Ramayana with Cordelia Cruises while visiting Chennai and more. Trace the footprints of Ramayana as you set foot in the historical lands of Chennai and Galle. To the religious enthusiast in you, who’s also up for some serious travelling, here’s your one true haven! Why don’t we all simply lay back...
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With a surplus of things to do in Bali, we are here for a worthy pep-talk! This Indonesian island is truly one hell of a gem for tourists visiting the same for retreats, relaxation and the truest of fun! Name one soul who’s a travel enthusiast and hasn’t engraved the name, BALI, on his/her bucket...
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