Discover The Footprints Of Ramayana With Chennai To Galle Cordelia Cruise!

Relive the Indian epic, Ramayana with Cordelia Cruises while visiting Chennai and more. Trace the footprints of Ramayana as you set foot in the historical lands of Chennai and Galle. To the religious enthusiast in you, who’s also up for some serious travelling, here’s your one true haven! Why don’t we all simply lay back and travel to lands with historical and spiritual significance?! Here’s presenting Chennai to Colombo Cordelia Cruise and a lot more!

Discover The Footprints Of Ramayana With Cordelia Cruises to Sri Lanka

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Ramayana is the oldest and most ancient Sanskrit epic of India which narrates the life of Lord Rama, of the legendary Kosala Kingdom. With Lord Rama’s exile for fourteen years by father, Dasharatha upon mother, Kaikeyi’s insistence, comes his historical travel across India. The epic battle takes place between him and King Ravana (of Lanka) when the latter kidnaps Sita. After Rama defeats Ravana, he visits Ayodhaya and is welcomed by his people after a successful exile. People not only read the epic till date, but also follow all the moral insignia set forth by this Epic.

Therefore, tracing this epic timeline and visiting the religiously significant spaces rather becomes an obligation. Moreover, given here are religiously solemn places that deserve a visit or two. Let’s thus, discover the footprints of Ramayana with Chennai to Galle with Cordelia Cruises!

Religious Places To Visit In Order To Discover The Footprints Of Ramayana With Chennai To Galle With Cordelia Cruises

Here are some places of religious significance that you ought to visit with Cordelia Cruises:

1. Marundheeswarar Temple
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This famous temple in Chennai is believed to be built in 11th Century. Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped as Marundheeswarar- healer of all ailments. Well, the folk tales have told us that Rishi Valmiki worshipped Lord Rama, under the holy Vanni tree, which is seen in the humongous 1-acre temple ground. Marundheeswarar Temple is counted as one of the Trinity sea shore temples in Tamil Nadu; the other two being Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore and Thyagarajaswamy temple in Thiruvottiyur.

2. Arulmigu Ramanatheswarar Temple
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This ancient Hindu temple is located in Porur, Arulmigu. The temple dates back to 700 AD. It is believed that Lord Rama came to this temple while searching for Sita (his wife) and found the linga of Lord Shiva here. And if was for Lord Shiva’s guidance that he found the direction to Sita. The practice of offering Theertham (holy water) and Sadaari are only done in Vishnu temples. And, this is the only temple dedicated to Shiva, where it is offered to the devotees. The temple in Chennai is built in the Chozha temple architectural style.

3. Anjaneya Swamy Temple
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Anjaneyaswami Temple is located in Nanganallur, a southern neighbourhood of Chennai. The temple is dedicated to Lord Anjaneya, popularly known as Lord Hanuman. The temple is much acclaimed for it has one of the largest Hanuman idols in India. The 32 feet tall granite statue was constructed from a single layer of rock. Devotees visit in large numbers only to get a glimpse of the statue.

4. Tenavaram Temple
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This is a historical Hindu religious complex situated in the port town Tenavaram, Tevanthurai near Galle, Southern Province, SriLanka. Its primary deity is a Hindu god Tenavarai Nayanar (Upulvan) and here is also nestled the greatest Hindu temple complexes of the island, containing eight major kovil shrines to a thousand deity statues of stone and bronze and two major shrines of Vishnu and Shiva.

With this, we come to an end of naming the religious places that are sure to help to trace the timeline that dates back to Ramayana. Get on board with Chennai Galle cruise viz.-a-viz. Cordelia cruises and experiences the best of everything!

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