5 Indispensible Reasons That Make Ladakh A Travel-Priority This Summer!!

Ladakh, as a union territory of India, has an amazing climate. The usual summer months in India range from May to September and that’s the time when most states in India are a burning furnace! That’s the prime reason why bag-packers and bikers usually look for serenity, solace and a cool, breezy temperature to relish in and be a part of. From being the nature’s paradise to one of the most appeasing places on earth- Ladakh truly qualifies for being there on your bucket list this summer. Not to mention, the exquisite cuisine, the inherent cultural endeavors, myriad tourist attractions to be in, queer yet satisfying fauna and flora and the list keeps going on!!

Prime Reasons To Make Leh Ladakh A Priority This Summer!

Here, let’s discuss in details the quintessential reasons that make Leh Ladakh a top-priority this summer! Scroll through, know more~

1. To Witness The Scenic Beauty Of Ladakh

beauty of ladakh
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What seems a far away call is brought to you by us, as something worth achieving and craving for. Well, we are talking about an enticing trip to Ladakh-  a panoramic region enclosed between Himalayan and Karakoram Mountain Ranges. This heaven on earth compels you to exercise your photography skills or any other artistic skill that you might possess. The place is truly worth a million poetic words and every brush stroke. Tranquillity is no longer a wispy thought while amidst the rejuvenating and lush-green valleys of Ladakh. Clear skies, turquoise and clear lakes, crystal-like frozen water bodies, and fauna which includes alluring wild rabbits, yak, llama and just to name a few, are specific to the Ladakhian region. And that’s what one means by little bits of heaven to go gaga for!!

2. To Savour Upon The Momos And Thukkpas

momos in leh ladakh
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We don’t aim at bursting your bubble but trust us, the Indo-Tibetan restaurants that you have sworn by so far do no justice to the ultimate spice and flavours of the ultimate Tibetan cuisine. The exclusive momos and Thukkpas eaten while appraising the nature’s paradise in a biting-frost weather like this is truly an honour. Not to mention, the chilly sause that compliments the dish like no other.

3. To Be A Part Of the Pompous Festivals

festivals in ladakh
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There is so much of vibrancy involved in the cultural practices and traditional celebrations of the Indo-Tibetan faith that one feels so overwhelmed and pumped-up at the simple thought of it. Be the luckiest of all and visit this piece of heaven on earth especially during the festivities. Some of their most celebrated festivals include- Losar, Hemis, Naro Nasjal, Kalachakra, Dosmoche, Tak, and phyang. The vibe of the same is simply stupendous- it drives away the evil in the aura and in oneself. Be a part of the ecstatic performances that involves wearing Llama masks, and some joyous thumping steps over drum and trumpet beats.

4. Trekking Along The Famous Passes Of Leh Ladakh

Passes in leh ladakh
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Much acclaimed for its peaks and passes, popularly for bikers, trekkers and bag packers, both Leh and Ladakh become your must-visit lands this summer!! The historical trade passes between India and China now let you have an exclusive view of the picturesque valleys down below, and the dainty villages housed in the same. The most notable peaks and mountain passes include- Nun-Kun, Kang- Yatse, Khardung La, Tanglang La, Chang La, Wari La, and just to name a few. Here’s your time to pack yourselves in trekking suits and live your snowy-flaky dream, only to remember it for life!!

5. To Visit The Ancient Buddhist Monasteries And Gompas

buddhist monastaries
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This land of snow and chimerical beauty is also much known for its antique monasteries and gompas. With a Buddhist fervour in the air, along with vibrant festivities, attires, and artistic rituals, these monasteries and gompas become worth one homage at least! One gets much enticed by the vintage décor, ancient manuscripts and antiques like statues, thangkas dating back to the pre-historic era. Moreover, some of the well-known monasteries and gompas include- Hemis monastery, Alchi monastery, Matho monastery, Spituk monastery and so on and so forth.

Well, well, we seem to have come to an end of ascribing and describing a complete journey, for you to be a part of, this summer. Hope, we could have given you a clear insight into Ladakh and it’s fine beauty~ truly picturesque and indeed meant to be in your bucket-list. If yes, then what’s the delay for?! Hurry!!!


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