5 Best Romantic Resorts To Stay In Maldives!

We’ve brought you the best romantic resorts in Maldives to kindle that love spark between you and your partner!

Well, that’s how we do it! Quirks aside, your love deserves a break from the cacophonous sounds of everyday life. How about an aesthetically pleasing island with no-one to disturb you two?! Maldives is surely a perfect escapade if tranquility is all you need! For all the quality time spend in here, you’d thank your stars and a little bit, us. With glistening beaches, crystal clear skies and waters, amidst sunsets, alluring marine life and so forth, you’d be willing to ask for nothing but more time!

Presenting you the best romantic resorts that’d only accelerate your aspiring love. Be it your honeymoon or a romantic getaway, we’ve sincerely got it all covered!!

Best Romantic Resorts In Maldives

Know what’s best for you. Scroll through!!

1. Gili Lankanfushi
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Well, this one’s an exclusive and a substantially expensive deal for you all! Frequented by many celebrities, this is one of the best romantic resorts in Maldives. It nestles the largest over-water bungalow in the whole world. Furthermore, privacy is a sure-deal here since a lot of villas can only be reached via a boat. A personal butler takes care of all your needs and makes all the arrangements too. Well, private dining, wine cellar, with an astonishing sommelier and trail-blazing views make Gili Lankanfushi a true respite for honeymooners.

2. COMO Cocoa Island Resort
best romantic resorts in maldives
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It’s an elfin yet cozy five-star hotel that takes luxury and its intended meaning to a completely different level! It is housed in the cyan waters of the Indian Ocean. Not to mention the water villas and island villas here that are a look-alike for the traditional Dhonis (Maldivian fishing boats). This further gives a homely essence to the same. The resort ensures total romantic feels and guaranteed privacy. It further wins your heart by offering the perfect room service, sumptuous delicacies from around the world, glorious views and more!

3. Soneva Fushi
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Here’s to one of the best romantic resorts in Maldives in terms of eco-friendliness and privacy! With a Robinson Crusoe feel to it, Soneva Fushi is beautifully furnished with driftwood, mosquito nets and other amenities representing artifacts. Other goodies and features that are probably exclusive to this resort include- free artisanal chocolate and rented kayaks. In addition, a personal butler, world-class food, ecstatic adventures, thrilling sports activities and what not, simply add to your “perfect date!

4. Baros Island Resort
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Baros island resort is among the few best romantic resorts in Maldives that you need to check out ASAP! This amass of love and romance is highly luxurious and true to its policy of providing unsolicited privacy. It truly has a picture-perfect location and set-up to itself, making it even better for the honeymooners on board! The resort’s dedicated marine biologists ensure a perfect haven for the couples. You can indulge into some breath-taking adventures with your loved one, viz.-a-viz. snorkeling, etc. Not to mention the huge number of restaurants, lounges and amenities that further make the resort worthy of a romantic stay!

5. Mirihi Island Resort
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It’s among the best romantic resorts in Maldives because it is affordable and offers the best amenities possible. Owing to a stupendous location, the resort helps you get a view of sport reef sharks, green turtles and manta rays from your very room! The resort is spacious and offers complete privacy. Furthermore, a gamut of experiences, activities, events and warmth of their treatment, make the resort a couple’s favorite!

P.s, try to be a part of the Adam and Eve spa treatment for couples, which even ensures champagne dinner by the beach.

Well, well, the romance between your partner and you deserves the delightful stays of the above-mentioned resorts. Lastly, try out the best romantic resorts in Maldives to experience heaven at its best!


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