5 Amazing Underwater Restaurants In Maldives That You Ought To Check Out!!

An underwater restaurant in Maldives indicates another of the nation’s classic yet astonishing bait to lure tourists. What’s further amazing is the fact that Maldives truly never disappoints! It’s brilliant how they always come up with stupendous ideas and opportunities for tourists from all across the world. And what’s with the dining now, huh?! Isn’t this simply chimerical, as if you are “literally” living your favorite fairy tale in real!

This once-in-a-lifetime experience calls for some planning, ASAP! The part where you actually get to dine feet below the Indian ocean, admiring nature’s creation, is something you wouldn’t want to miss at all!

Given below are the best underwater restaurants in Maldives; scroll through, know more!

5 Best Underwater Restaurants In Maldives
1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
underwater restaurant in maldives
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Here’s presenting one of the best underwater restaurants in Maldives! This dining place is nestled 16 feet below the sea level. Ithaa is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant. What’s even more fascinating is that, it offers 180-degree panoramic views of the soulful marine life. Furthermore, this underwater restaurant is worth every penny for moments spend here are rather priceless! It’s truly worth all your admiration. Additionally, the restaurant can also be booked for private breakfasts, weddings, and so forth. Not to mention the sumptuous meals served; sure to linger on your tongue for long!

2. Subsix
best underwater restaurants in maldives
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This particular underwater restaurant in Maldives is rather your “fun ground”. It is also the first underwater nightclub on the island. This restaurant is known to be frequented by its customers more than once! It owes its name to the fact that everything- right from the chairs that look like sea anemones to the shell-shaped bar, makes the sea-world come to life. Even the chandeliers and the ocean blue lighting add up to the ambience of the underwater theme. The restaurant is affordable and is truly your place to be, if and when you set foot in Maldives.

P.S, reaching the restaurant in itself is a thrill for you reach here by taking a speedboat.

3. SEA
underwater restaurant in maldives
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This underwater restaurant in Maldives is located at the Anantara Kihavah. Believe it or not, but the restaurant truly awes you with its interior design, food, theme and so forth. Well, fine dining is incomplete without some wine and that’s where this restaurant outdoes every other dining space in Maldives. They have wine that date back to about nine decades. The restaurant also features an excellent array of life swim, dart, and dance while you dine. Isn’t this already sounding so romantic and exceptional?! Imagine being a part of the same in real with your soulmate siting right next to you!

P.s, SEA has world’s first underwater wine cellar, and also serves classic international gourmet cuisines!

4. 5.8 Undersea Restaurant
underwater restaurant in maldives
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With a booming marine ambience, 5.8 undersea restaurant is truly one of the best underwater restaurants in Maldives! Well, while lunch is a cherished meal endearingly served in this underwater restaurant in Maldives, sunset dinners are simply awe-inspiring! The menus allure you into being part of a trail-blazing culinary experience. Despite being a bit expensive, you’d surely be willing to be a part of this overwhelming dining odyssey!

5. Minus Six Meters
best underwater restaurants in maldives
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This underwater restaurant in Maldives is like the crystallized form of the actual marine life! The cuisines served rather smitten you. For they serve sea-food you wouldn’t be able to resist! Not to mention that dining is free at the restaurant if one stays at the resort for more than four nights. Its prime location, that is, 20 feet under the blue lagoon, makes it a dream-like-place to be in with your romantic partner! Additionally, Champagne breakfasts and themed events are other exhilarating things here, that tourists like to be a part of!

Well, well, given the best underwater restaurants in Maldives that you’ve come to know right now, experiencing the reality should mean a lot to you. Trust us, not a single underwater restaurant in Maldives is made to disappoint you! Why not try out your favorite one and see for yourself?!

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