Chokhi Dhani In Rajasthan – Why Is It So Popular?

Choki Dhani, a gorgeous village spread across 10 acres of Rajasthani land is truly a blissful place to be! Representing the true culture of Rajasthan, this stupendous place should definitely be on your go-to list if you’re a sucker for cultural legacy and a true traditional enthusiast. From lip-smacking Rajasthani food to beautiful shopping-spree arenas, Choki Dhani is indeed a perfect place for tourists from all over the world!

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Things To Do In Choki Dhani

Choki Dhani- an alluring and dainty village, is divided into different sections. Various activities include-

  • Elephant ride, camel ride, bullock ride, and Tonga ride.
  • Live music and dance shows along with acrobatics display, puppet, and magic shows are performed simultaneously.
  • Mouth-watering vegetarian food with a royal essence to it. In short, relish a splendid evening of a Rajasthani cultural experience at the village themed restaurant, Sangri.
Why Is Choki Dhani So Popular?
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Nestled in the capital city of Rajasthan, Choki Dhani Group is an Indian Hospitality Brand. Much acclaimed for its 11 luxury properties situated across the nation and abroad, Chokhi Dhani was conceptualized in the year 1990 with an aim of promoting local heritage and culture that is indispensable to Rajasthan and India.

Given below is a list that curates the aims, goals, and perspectives of this magnanimous village. Scroll through, know more-

  • The exceptionally diversified hospitality group is a concomitant of marvelous hotels and luxury resorts, employing over 1400 people, in the Indian subcontinent and in Europe.
  • Giving a global platform to indigenous past and authentic, rural life, this series of village themed restaurants came into existence.
  • The same group operates as a luxuriously amazing hub in London as well. With marvelous amenities and a contemporary outlook, Choki Dhani grandiosely flourishes here as well.
  • Chokhi Dhani Group has branched into numerous brands across different market segments including Chokhi Dhani Foods, Chokhi Dhani Resorts, Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Villages, Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel, Kalagram, Chokha Punjab, Amusement Parks (Pink Pearl), Desert Camps, and Safari. On the map, Chokhi Dhani has marked its name in Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Indore, Chennai, Panchkula, Sonipat, and London.
Reasons To Visit Choki Dhani In Rajasthan
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  • Relive the memories of the Haldighati battle through the enactment of the same. Get ready for an emotional odyssey to experience and fathom various incidents from the epic battle.
  • Enjoy various traditional folk dances performed here. Some of them include- Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, and the classic Chari Dance.
  • Watch the infamous puppet show here, which further amazes you with its artistry and storytelling.
  • Go bananas while shopping here. Stock up decors, paintings, and accessories; pretty much everything that’s there on display.
  • Enjoy animal-back rides. Experience the proper training and respect that’s given to all the animals here.
  • Dine at the fancy restaurants here. Relish in the local delicacies that will surely leave you licking fingers!
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How To Reach Choki Dhani?

Chokhi Dhani can be reached by a city or private cab. City cabs usually charge around Rs. 1,200 for a to-and-fro trip from Jaipur city. Chokhi Dhani also runs its own fleet of taxis called the Rajputana Cabs that charges Rs. 900 for a round trip in a sedan and Rs. 1500 for an SUV. Moreover, you can even hire a private taxi from the Jaipur bus station; prices will have to be fixed in advance.

This lavishly built village in Rajasthan is a wholesome experience in itself. Choki Dhani is a marvelous place for cultural enthusiasts like we’ve said before. There are plenty of things to experience and myriad cuisines to munch on! Not to mention that it’s a must-visit, at least once. Lastly, we hope to have convinced you into visiting this stupendous place ASAP. Do let us know about your experiences in the comments down below if you do!!




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