Dazzling Places To Visit In India To Celebrate Diwali In A Pompous Way!

Diwali in India is a huge thing to be proud of and celebrate. The epic-based belief that depicts the victory of good over evil is commemorated in rich, elaborate ways in India. People in various parts of the country celebrate the festival in myriad ways. This festival of lights is a huge thing in a country with a whirlpool of beliefs and a thousand different stories attached to the same reason for celebrating the epic victory is literally so many ways.

Well, for the traveler in you, who’s inquisitive about different parts of the Indian sub-continent celebrating Diwali in different ways, here are our favorite pick-ups for a Diwali vacation.

5 Best Places To Visit In India To Witness Elaborate Diwali Celebrations

Given below are places in India that celebrate Diwali with utmost grandeur, pomp, and show. Not to mention, these are also the places you might feel safe visiting, keeping in mind the covid-19 pandemic situation. Scroll through, know more.

1. Varanasi
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Diwali celebrations are usually glamorous, quite a lot here in Varanasi. You can always start out here, by taking a bath in the holy Ganges ( check-up with the covid-19 guidelines). Further, explore the bazaars that have almost everything- from traditional clothes to sweets and a lot more. You can always take a boat ride on glistening and gleaming waters with floating candles all over. Not to mention the religious chants that coo into your ears right away. You can even take part in the Diwali of Gods or Dev Deepavali, which is celebrated here as a part of the iconic Ganga Mahotsav Festival.

2. Amritsar
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Diwali in Amritsar is celebrated along with Bandi Chhor Divas, which further commemorates the return of Guru Hargobind Ji, the 6th Sikh Guru, from his imprisonment.  Special prayers or kirtans are sung with utmost mirth, throughout the city. Also, the Golden Temple looks so much more beautiful when all illuminated. Not to mention the cool weather, the beautiful sarson (mustard) fields, and the overzealous citizens who lure you into staying further. Dig into the exceptional cuisines and much more.

3. Jaipur/ Udaipur
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Trailblazing celebrations in Jaipur start right from Dhanteras. The Nahargarh Fort and other popular landmarks appear astonishingly beautiful, even more for they offer amazing views of the wonderfully lit city. The bazaars further boom with musicians playing folk tunes and others displaying several fabulous lamps and other artifacts. Feast on the finest Marwari cuisines and shop for attractive souvenirs and handicrafts as a recollection of these stupendous cities in Rajasthan. The lakes in Udaipur further compel you to fall in love with them. The glow and shimmer, coming from the reflections of fireworks and the lights of the palaces are worth spending every penny. In short, both the places are absolutely spellbinding and you gotta check them out for Diwali.

4. Kolkata
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The elaborate kali puja is worth giving Kolkata a chance. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed for even an iota. Goddess Kali is worshiped here. Be patrons to the exquisite offerings made to the Goddess including meat, fish, flowers, and sweets. The city looks absolutely stunning with dazzling diyas, candles, and lamps (fireworks are inevitable). The residents of Kolkata further relish Diwali, right after Durga Pujo, rather elaborately. You can also take a tour of the famous Kali Puja pandals in the city or visit the biggest religious shrines like the Kalighat Temple or Dakshineswar Temple, where Goddess Kali is worshipped by thousands of devotees.

5. Goa
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Goa is another stupendous state in India, to visit especially during Diwali. The celebrations start from Naraka Chaturdashi with people decorating their homes with lanterns. Locals also build several larger-than-life-sized Narakasura effigies filled with firecrackers and grass and then burn them the next morning in the wee hours, similar to people burning Ravana effigies on Dusshera. You can further visit beaches, various resorts, casinos, restaurants, lounges and just to name a few.

Well, this year’s Diwali is surely gonna be different with the pandemic still not over. However, there’s no reason why you can’t travel, keeping in mind all the safety protocols and guidelines as given by the Indian Government.

Lastly, Stay safe, don’t burn crackers.



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