Which Are The 8 Most Famous Australian Drinks?

For all the gallivanters out there, here’s your one true chance to drink, party, enjoy delicacies, and life at its best! Australian drinks are something worth looking forward to if Australia is making it to your bucket list this holiday season! Chuck it off and experience the best of this world where hues are not just outside but very much in your drinks as well!

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8 Most Famous Australian Drinks

Know the best of the booze-world. Scroll through and know more about these stupendous drinks; worth a thousand hangovers (winks)!

1. Jagerbombs

Give in to your taste buds. Surprise them with this eighty-year-old energy drink cum sweet alcoholic beverage. This summery Australian drink contains myriad herbs and spices that are blended well for better digestion. Ditch your familiar red bull, along with other mixtures like coffee, apple juice, club soda, and raspberry to experience the bomb combination with Jagermeister. Take time sipping it with food!

Cost- $25 (Australian Dollars)

2.  Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Australian drinks like these are richly handcrafted. It’s a low-calorie drink that is further supple and lively. As the name says, it’s best served with ginger ale or soda water although other fruity mixtures are absolutely possible. Fact- All Gin taste differently! West Winds “The Broadside”, Four Pillars Navy Strength, Brookie’s, Hippocampus, Noble Cut, Poor Tom’s are other famous Australian drinks that you ought to try, at least once!

Cost- $70- $150

3. Vodka

Vodka is a locally made Australian drink and is most-popularly found in Melbourne. It’s a cheap drink which is abundantly found in local supermarkets and also among micro-producers. The best way of drinking vodka isn’t gulping it at once as shots but rather sipping it slowly.

The Hartshorn Vodka is the most famous and indeed the best vodka in Australia. The handcrafted SMALL MOUTH VODKA NSW is an Australian brand that is made using fine ingredients. The Tasmanian (Tassie) Vodka 666 PURE is what it claims to be: Absolutely ‘pure’.

Cost- $30- $70

4. Espresso Martini

Doesn’t matter if this one belongs to London, for Australians cherish this drink rather wildly. This calorie-rich, creamy shot of espresso Martini should be your go-to drink on the Australian lands for myriad reasons. Made with exotic coffee beans, vodka, and chocolate, this drink is indeed a perfect blend of coffee and vodka. Word of advice for the insomniacs out there- this one’s truly not for you! Order the highest-selling cocktail from amazing Australian bars. Om Nom, Mr. Miyagi, Milk The Cow, Longplay are the most-loved martinis in Melbourne.

Cost- $8 per 100 mL jar

5. Bundaberg Rum

This one’s Australia’s most-favorite dark Bundy Rum which is locally made from the sugarcanes grown in the country. This Australian drink is a perfect country beverage to sip on a weekend afternoon. Blend the rum with ice and sip slowly to experience the best of it. The Bundy rum can also be combined with Bundaberg ginger beer. Leblon Cachaca, Ron Abuelo Centuria, Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum, Pusser’s Rum are among the most famous Australian drinks!

Cost- $15- $50

6. Red Wine

Australia is much acclaimed in the whole of the world for the stupendous quality of its red wine. Many areas in the continent focus on a particular kind of red wine. Do try shiraz’s hot, relishing, fragrance-abundant red wine that will liven up your nights. Shiraz is often liked by everyone that drinks it. Try recollecting a sharp essence with spice and dark fruits. The “King Of Red Wine” Cabernet Sauvignon will make you feel worthy of the drink in no time. Not to mention that a glass of Cabernet is a fine choice to gulp with a luscious slice of spicy red -meat.

Cost- $30- $100

7. Whiskey

Australian Whiskey has made the entire world go bananas! Hit the myriad whiskey bars in the country. Tasmania manufactures several varieties of the best whiskey in Australia. The amazing single malt Sullivan’s Cove French oak whisky is filled with chocolate and molasses. It was awarded the best in the world in 2017.

Cost- $90- $200

To all the casual drinkers out there, here’s your chance to tick off stupendous Australian drinks from your list. Try and make it happen ASAP!!


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