India’s First Premium Cruise From Chennai- Cordelia Cruises!

Cordelia Cruises make up for India’s first multi-destination cruises! Empress of the Seas, Cordelia cruise, comes loaded with fun and metonyms to suffice the same- best of entertainment shows, adventure activities and mouth-watering cuisines along with amicable hospitality on the high sea. The cruise lures you in with excellent room service, fancy rooms, quality serve, alcohol and just to name a few. Here’s to adding an indigenous touch to foreign tolls and also, to making India acclaimed in the world! Here’s to happy stay-cations!!

Safety Is Primal For Cordelia Cruises
Image Source- Cordelia Cruises

With everything that’s precautionary and essential, Cordelia cruises are here for your celebratory vacation! The implementation of safety protocols in the Empress of the Seas is commendable. Here are a few things to keep in mind before carrying out your bookings (post-corona) with Cordelia Cruises:

  1. It is mandatory for all guests to produce health declarations and participate in temperature checks before boarding.
  2. Temperatures are to be checked twice a day.
  3. The staff on board will follow all safety and health standards.
  4. Regular sanitization processes are in practice on Cordelia cruises already.
  5. The staff has been trained to provide a stupendous holiday experience with minimum contact.
  6. The guest bedrooms along with linens and public areas are being sanitized and disinfected regularly.
  7. All entertainment and recreational facilities on board will be sanitized thoroughly before and after use.
  8. All guest bedrooms along with linens are being sanitized and disinfected regularly.
  9. All the crew members will wear special face masks and gloves while serving food.
  10. Empress of the Seas is now equipped with a 24×7 medical centre and an isolation ward for emergencies.

Sea Routes To Cover With Cordelia Cruises From Chennai

1. Chennai-High Seas-Chennai
Image Source

One gets to visit one of the best places in India and that too via the only premium luxury cruise in India. You gotta cherish this experience as you enjoy Broadway shows, casinos, alcohol, along with delectable cuisines and exceptional room service. Here’s your chance to achieve every happiness that’s there and is indeed awaiting your visit. Cordelia Cruises along this sea route is sure to mesmerize you!

2. Chennai-Trincomalee-Chennai
Image Source

Visit this amazing island in Sri Lanka along with this wonderful place in India, with Cordelia Cruises. Get a chance to visit these beautiful spaces and at the same time, enjoy onboard with Empress of the Seas. After all, what better way to celebrate life than by travelling?!

3. Chennai-High Seas-Trincomalee-Chennai
Image Source

Experience the goodness of travelling on a cruise with Cordelia cruises. Travel to these fabulous places via cruise and relish this surplus with friends, family or spouses. Getting to cover these fabulous spaces in cruise is in itself a boon. Therefore, decide fast!

4. Chennai-High Seas-Galle-Trincomalee-Chennai
Image Source

Getting to cover almost all the astonishing places on earth and having to return to the start point is fun. However, it’s further pompous when done on a cruise. Travel to these places with Cordelia cruises after also enjoying truly onboard!

Well, we at Triplou encourage you to travel with Cordelia Cruises to Chennai sea routes and experience the best of travel. You won’t regret your decision even for an iota, and we are sure about that!

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