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Relive the Indian epic, Ramayana with Cordelia Cruises while visiting Chennai and more. Trace the footprints of Ramayana as you set foot in the historical lands of Chennai and Galle. To the religious enthusiast in you, who’s also up for some serious travelling, here’s your one true haven! Why don’t we all simply lay back...
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Cruising in India is all about exploring the unsung indigenous spaces viz.-a-viz. sea routes that are intriguing. The mere thought of exploring the nation on a cruise, while getting to know spaces that are stupendous, is in itself miraculous. With Cordelia Cruises, you not only enjoy yourselves thoroughly on board but also while sailing on...
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The Cordelia Cruise experience on the  ‘Empress of the Seas’ is heavenly and worth spending every penny for. With mind-boggling cruise experiences which are amalgamated with comfort and luxury, travelers can never get enough of the same. With delectable cuisines, amazing service, commendable activities, stupendous sources of entertainment and so forth, the Cordelia cruise is truly...
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